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I also would like to Thank Tim for all the "problems" I've had(and hope - will) with you and for the card with wishes - same to you!!!(such problems and warm wishes)

My main wish - I have only such kind of problems always!

My 'troubles" are different though from those in initial post: I got my car first, was happy to get accessories two days after I placed an order and now need to find out free time to install r-boards (thanks to the board - a lot of helpful info about it). The easiest to "install" was cargo-liner. Great item, btw, highly recommend it to those who use cargo-space and care about the car - completely covers side panels and back one as well as backs of the seats.

As I understand GG moldings and roof-racks for '02 are in, so I'm gonna be asking for more troubles soon....

Tim if you still need some help with the translation you mentioned on the phone - I have a co-worker who knows the language and can try, so let me know.

Best Holiday Wishes for all the board's participants too!
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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