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What percentage of MDX drivers are previous HONDA/ACURA owners. ?

  • YES

    Votes: 49 77.8%
  • No

    Votes: 14 22.2%

Previous Honda/Acura ownership ?

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Curious to find out what percentage of MDX drivers are previous HONDA/ACURA owners.
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'82 Accord - since retired
'88 Accord - still in use every day: 237k miles
'01 MDX
This is our first

and second (Re: TL-S:cool: )

Although I tried to buy Honda/Acura products three time previously.

In 1980 I really wanted a Honda Prelude, but could not work out a trade deal. I was trading a high milage '74 Cutlass Supreme and had no other money to put down. The banks would only finance 75% of the new car price and the trade was not that much. Honda basically told me tough. The Datsun dealer raised the price of a 200SX $1000 and gave me an extra $1000 on my trade so the percentages would work. Datsun wanted and got my business.

In 1984, with two young children, we wanted a 4-Door Sedan and decided to trade the Datsun 200SX. We wanted an Accord but the Honda dealer demanded full MSRP for an '84 Accord. I told them they were out of their minds; that I would NEVER pay full MSRP for an automobile;) We went on to buy a well discounted '84 Nissan Stanza. It was much more nicely equipped than the Accord anyway with power everything.

In early '87 we fell in love with the Acura Legend, but could not afford it. We "settled" for an Integra and made a deal with the sales rep. When we went in to close the deal the "settled" price ahd risen considerably. I had never been treated this way before. For the first time ever someone told me they would sell a car for a certain price and then they refused. We filed a protest with the BBB that was never resolved and we never bought the car. We vowed to never buy an Acura product after that.

I suppose that says a lot about the MDX. We were so smitten with the MDX that we not only bought an Acura, but it was at full MSRP.
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Customer Loyalty !

Definately does not sound like a purchase made on product loyalty and says a lot about your expectations.

See many parallels in our taste. Owned a '81 Prelude, '86 Accord Sedan, '90 Accord Coupe, '87 Integra Hatch, and a '93 Legend Sedan which when traded on the MDX had 14,000 miles on it.
Only difference is that the MDX is the only one all those vehicles which was purchased without a sizable discount.

I also have high expectations, because I held off a X5 purchase from January 2000, until October to to see and drive the MDX.

Incidentally, also traded a '96 RAV towards the MDX.
Have had great luck with all Acura/Honda products & most dealers.

'89 Legend L Coupe
'89 Legend L Sedan
'95 Accord Coupe (traded in the Legend Coupe)
'95 Odessy (traded the 95 honda coupe - got transferred & needed room - actually didn't lose any $$)
'97 Accord Coupe - traded '89 Acura sedan
'99 Accord Sedan (traded 97 coupe off lease)

just sold 99 accord - waiting to buy '02 MDX

Had very good luck with with all but one Honda dealer. Always bought for well under MSRP
2000 Civic EX sedan - still no squeeks unlike my 1 week old MDX.
2000 Odyssey and a 1999 Honda Lawn Mower to go with 2001 MDX.

In 16 car-months of Honda ownership, one problem: sliding door on Odyssey broke. Repaired under warranty. Works fine.

MDX is fine.....keeping fingers and toes crossed.

Oh, and 2 lawn-mower years on my Honda. Zip problems. Starts with one pull every time!
I had no knowledge of Acura's when I went for the MDX - I was going on the SUV info available last fall and thought it sounded interesting. Quickly got a lot more interested as the info came in.

We did compare the CRV and the Outback for our previous purchase, liked the Outback better.

I see I'm in the minority though (or are previous owners more disposed to answer the poll? Hmm)
Have '98 CR-V 52000 miles, plus another 16000 miles being towed behind a motor home... NO propblems... one set brake pads, and new tires at 42000.
2000 Odyssey, almost 12000, and no problems, except a "wrinkled" windshield gasket, replaced under warranty.
10600 on MDX... so far fine, except for minor "weeping mirrors!
Prior Honda Owner not Hondaphyle

I owned a 1982 Honda Accord and it was not even close to being one of the best cars I have owned. Didn't even consider a MDX until I saw an ad in a magazine last December. Investigated it more, saw it had more room than a X5 and much better mileage than our Yukon but less space. I never even considered an Acura in my litany of car purchases until now because they did not produce (themselves not Isuzu) a 4WD/AWD vehicle. As far as brand loyalty goes, the only marque that has earned it to date is Subaru but Acura is definitely growing on me. ;)
This is my first Acura/Honda vehicle. My brother owned the first Accord long time ago for 10 years and like it. My in-law owns the early Legend and have absolutely no problems. All mine are pretty much Toyota for car and Chrysler for minivan. I did not consider SUV in the past due to bumpy ride, noisy and uncomfortable ride. The minivan is dying and we do not really want such room in the minivan. Two older kids have their own car and the yaoungest one is in Jr High. My spouse have the 95 Toyota Avalon and have no problems (even cosmetic or trivial) since taking delivery. So I look for a luxury sedan, even though we do go camping at least four times a year and skiing for three times a year, planning to use the Toyota. So I am set for a luxury sedan, Lexus or MB. I did not like the look of the Lexus so I settle on the MB E320. While negotiating the price, my trusted friend showed me his MDX. I like the look and features. Upon test friving his MDX and the dealer demo, I switched completely to the MDX due to versatility, roominess, comfort, ride, safety, reliability, power and luxury. A perfect combination for me with a price lower than the SUV competition (luxury and souped up or loaded up version).
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Between my wife and I:
86 Civic HB
88 CRX Si
91 Accord EX 4Dr
92 Accord EX 2Dr
94 Civic EX Coupe
97 Accord EXL 4Dr
There was a Quest and a 4Runner within those years but nothing beats Honda/Acura. Even worked as a service advisor at a Honda dealer for 1 year.
Our first Acura!

A number of my close friends all got Integras in the mid to late 80's and all of them had great experiences with them. A couple of them (1987 and 1988) are still going strong for them. So (potential for) reliability was one of the reasons we decided on the MDX. Our last car, a Volvo V70, was getting minor work done every 2-3 months which became a real pain after a while.
... American cars
85 Honda Accord 4door
91 Honda Accord 2door
... other cars
01 MDX, now I am back to stay
96 Honda Accord
99 Honda Accord
01 MDX
'82 Civic 4-door
'85 CRX-Si
'88 Integra LS
'99 3.2TL
'87 Acura Integra LS (188K miles), 14 years ownership. Ran great.
1986 Honda Civic DX Hatchback

1989 Honda Prelude SI (sold it to my brother to get the Accord)

1991 Honda Civic SI Hatchback

1991 Honda Accord LX 4dr (sold this to get MDX at 186,000)

1995 Acura Integra GSR Hatchback (Still runs strong at 100,000)

1996 Honda Hamony Lawnmower

Out of all of them the 1991 Civic SI was the best. Wish I still had it, still you can't beat the GSR's engine. Rev happy and a 8,100 rpm redline with 170hp. Almost a 4 wheel motorcycle!

Greg in Atlanta
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octavian, I forgot about my ...

... lawn mower. We bought a Honda mower in April '85.

16 years of faithful service! Starts on the first pull everytime. And we've live in the deep south the whole time - 10+ months of mowing season per year. And we've had fairly large yards.

I will never own any other mower than a Honda. If I ever get another:D
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