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premium vs. touring or a bird in the hand...

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I'm scheduled to take delivery of my RR touring in N. Florida the week after x-mas.

Good News: The dealer called with the vin # yesterday and told me that it had shipped that morning.

Bad News: The vehicle must travel via rail from the Great White North to Birmingham Ala. where it will be off loaded and trucked to the dealer. Throw in the holiday and they could not guarantee that it would be @ the dealership prepped and ready to roll on the 27th as scheduled.

The Problem: I've already made plans to travel from D.C.(my home) to South Ga.(my in-laws) on the 25th make the pick up. I'd planned on a leisurely return trip along the state roads with numerous stops @ roadside BBQ joints. The MDX's uncertain arrival date has thrown a monkey wrench in those plans.

Dealer Solutions: They've promised to keep me updated on the daily progress as it winds its way south, and offered a range of solutions.

1) Pick it up when it arrives on time..still a possibility.

2) Have them ship it back to D.C. upon its arrival. They'll waive the delivery charge to pay the freight.

3) Save $3,000 by choosing from three premium models currently on their lot.

4) return to the in-laws within the month to take delivery. (right up there with root canal).

My Question: Because the passenger side adjustable seat and memory features were the only options about which I felt strongly, should I save the cash and plow it back into a kick'n after market audio video package?

Resting uncomfortably on the horns of the dilemma.

Jack Straw
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If you are the primary driver and don't care about the other "Touring" features, I would go with the premium. The only reason I selected the Touring was because our MDX has two frequent drivers and we liked the memory seats. I also liked the different wheels and the roof rack. The stereo is a little better but not much.

I'm a newbie but IMHO I'd wait and get the vehicle you really want.
A little hassle or having to wait a little longer to get the vehicle you want (and may have for quite a while) will probably be well worth it in the long run.
Good luck and let us know what you do. :)
Get what you want. You are paying close to $40K, make sure you are happy with your decision. I was in a similar situation where I was offered a Mahagony near to my home, but the Redrock about 400 miles away. I wanted what I really wanted, the Redrock.

Make sure you get the Navigation. It's awesome.
GCK said:
Get what you want. You are paying close to $40K, make sure you are happy with your decision. ...Make sure you get the Navigation. It's awesome.
Exactly! Well said. ;) This is not about picking a car out from the dealer lot and negotiating a $5K off the MSRP deal of some other brands. Make sure you are just happy on EVERYTHING you pay for, including color and options.
Memory seat are the question

Of all the things in the Touring package, the memory seats are really the only key item that you cannot otherwise get (cheaper and/or better). In may case, that was impottant, so we went touring.

You can see here on the forum the wheels and tires are different, but not that different.

For just part of that money, I could recommend a sound sytem that would absolutely destroy the Bose system, sot that is not a key item.

Just my opinion.
Chosing philosophy

REMEMBER everyone:


Thanx for all the input xlr8(er) et al. Well I just back into town after picking up my RR MDX @ Proctor Acura in Tallahassee. Went with the "premium" vehicle they had on the lot as mine had not yet arrived. I'm now looking for a premium stereo installer in the D.C. area to reinvest the "touring" $$$. Video for the second row passengers too much to expect? How 'bout MP3 capability? The shopping oughta be fun anyway. No regrets about the choice.

The trip: 90 Legend leaves D.C. 1200 hrs 12/25 arrives Tallahassee 0110 hrs 12/26. It was unreal. I didn't no the old girl still had it in her. Trip back was spent feeling each other out. 21 mpg over 900 highway mi. Hope all are well, thanks again for the support.

p.s. got the "protection" package thrown in as well as the dog liner and nose bra which was important for the ride home but I think looks good enough for around town (it lifts and separates for 18 hr. support). Anyone who wants a RR touring and is willing to go to Fla for it should call Charles @ Proctor Acura. Mine should be there any day now. Tell him I sent ya.
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I'm in the Boston area and purchased a SS touring from them about three weeks ago. I flew down and they picked me up at the the airport. I only had to wait about two weeks. The wait up here is about 8 months. How was your experience with them. I thought they were great and would recommend them for anyone interested in purchasing a new X. Gotta love that southern hospatality.

Glenn, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Small dealership looking to grow, blew my local dealer out of the water with customer care and service. I'd strongly recommend them to a friend,
I bought my MDX from Proctor Acura too, and fortunately for me I only live about five miles from the dealership. I'd shopped around online, assuming that I could get a better deal by buying in a bigger city from a larger dealership. Proctor's was actually willing to deal on the price, and the whole sales experience could not have gone better. I worked with two salesmen, Kris Johansen and Anthony Lee, and both were professional and courteous throughout the whole transaction. I don't have any connection to the dealer, so there's no money in this for me, but I don't think you can go wrong buying from Proctors, as long as you can find a cheap way to get to Tallahassee and take delivery.
This is starting to sound like a Proctor thread!!

But seriously, for those people that just don't want to wait or for the people that live in the Florida area, check them out. I've purchased many autos in my lifetime and this was the best experience I had purchasing a vehicle. Kris Johansen was my sales rep. too. They added mud guards, cargo tray, and wheel locks at no additional cost. They threw in two really nice Acura key chains and a wrapped up gift with a stainless steel Acura coffee mug and some gourmet coffee. I'll add a post in the dealership section. They deserve it. I have read to many posts on this forum about bad experiences and inept sales people.

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