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Premium fuel

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Is it really necessary to use premium fuel in the MDX? In my area we have an ethanol mix that has an octane rating of 89. In other area's I have noticed the premium fuel is 89. Why does the MDX need the premium fuel and the oddy not. Really want the MDX but question having to buy fuel at 10 - 20 cents a gallon more. Thought I finally found a vehicle that had AWD, 7 passenger seating and had decent gas mileage only to find out about the fuel. Need your opinion. Does the ML - 320 use premium too!!:confused:
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Welcome to the forum :)

This issue has been written in many earlier threads and is discussed thoroughly. You can use the SEARCH function and type in "fuel" or "premium fuel" or "mileage". There are tons of information and discussion there. :cool:
I don't know the answer to your question of the MDX needing premium fuel, but I can tell you that the ML320 does require the same. We have both SUV's and the gas tank on the MDX is 19.3 vs. the ML320's 18.5 tank. Since the MDX gets a couple of miles per gallon more, the cruising range difference, as reported by Consumer Reports is about 85 miles more on the MDX which is pretty acurate. Also, the 7 person seating is an option on the ML320; you lose a lot of cargo space and the cost is over $3000. I believe the cost of the $3000 is because on the models with the third row seat option, you also get the automatic side windows in the very back.
User manual says to use 91 octane. Premium is 93 here and Mid is 89.

By the way, I have a friend who has a ML-320. The dealer told her she could should use premium gas, but if she would use Shell, the mid grade would be OK. Does this make sense? Would it apply also to the MDX?
It all depends on the octane level. All gas stations will show the octane rating, whatever the gas station calls it doesn't really matter.

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