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Poron Car Reversing Aid

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I just bought a Car Reversing Aid from Poron USA

This is a back up alert system that warns the driver (with audio pulses) of obstacles while backing up the truck. Since the MDX is my first SUV, and I have problem figuring out the exact location of the rear bumper, this should be useful for me, especially in parking.

The model I got is micro3LV. It is listed for $179.99. I got it for $129.99, since there is a $50.00 discount for the promotion period. I discoverd this only after I received the packet. That's a nice surprise. There's a note asking me to tell my friends about the promotion. So here it is.

The kit consists of 3 main components

1. the main control unit,
2. 3 sensors, and
3. a speaker.

The installation does not seem to be too complicated. My main concern is to keep most of the components out of sight, especially the wirings. This is a reason I didn't get mini3LV models, since I don't want to have a LED display unit on the windshield. I am taking my time to investigate installation alternatives careful, for fear of making unrecoverable mistakes.

The main control unit can be placed in the compartment in the cargo floor. Thatway it is close to the reverse lamp wire, to which it needs to make a connection.

I am thinking of placing the sensors underneath the rear bumper, maybe recessed by 2-3 inches. This way they are not too conspiguous. The MDX bumpers are quite tall, so this should work, I hope.

For the speaker (quite small, about 1.5 X 2 in), I am thinking of mounting it with doubly ahesive tape on the pillar behind the driver, may be close to the floor.

My main problem is to figure out a way to connect the sensrr wires to the main unit. I don't want to drill holes if I can avoid it. I might have to take out the pastic sill for the tailgate. I also haven't decided yet on how to hide the wire connecting the main unit to the speaker yet.

If aynone has installed this or something similar, I'd appreciated sharing the experience. I'd also report more later, once I got it working, and maybe post some pictures.

Happy long weekend!
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Poron mini 2s

I too purchased a PORON reversing aid. However, the one I purchased was the mini2s.

The mini2s is an audible alert with a womans voice as well as the beeping. Either alert can be toned up or down.

I was fortunate to find them the 2s (and upgrade) and the 3s at The have an auction section where I was able to purchase my 2s unit for 48.00

Info on your experience, install tips, and pics would be great. I was wondering whether the volume is loud enough on the speaker to keep it mounted in the cargo area -- to avoid running/hiding wires all the way up front.

You got it at a good price. Did you installed it yet? I checked Poron site, and they seem to have discontinued mini2S.


The volume on the speaker is adjustable in the main unit. I tried it out this afternoon, and it was very audible from the driver's seat, with the speaker on the cargo floor. It was in fact, too loud. However, I wouldn't put it in the cargo area, for it may be damaged accidentally, though the speaker is housed in a hard plastic case, and is pretty sturdy. I may place it on the tailgate pillar, near the ceiling. If it is loud enough, I may even put it under the 2nd row seat, completely out of sight. I'll also like to find a way to turn off the whole thing (the kit does not let you do that, other than unplugging the speaker) from the driver position, so running wires to the front may be necessary.

I fooled around with it this afternoon, and suceeded in connecting the main unit to the backup light wires. I also attached the sensors to the plastic clips, and tape the clips (with making tapes) underneath the rear bumper. The kit seems to work as advertized. I'll need to experiment with the placements for the two outter sensors, so that they won't give false alarm when I back out of my garage, and are yet sensitive enough to warn me of real dangers.

I'll report more later, and will post some pictures if I can find a cheap digital camera.
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Thanks for the info...You guys get up the nerve to install these yet (permanently, that is)? Pic -- or tips and tricks much appreciated!!!

Here's a link you might find of interest -- install pics on an ML320.
I installed the Poron kit on my MDX on the President's weekend. So far, everything works as well as I expected. The installation also went well. In fact, it was easier than expected. I probably spent about 8 hours on installations, mostly on poking around my MDX, figuring out the best places to put sensors and the speaker, and the best routes for the wiring etc. If I were to do another installation, I can probably do in 1 to 2 hours.

If I have time, I'll take some pictures this weekend and post them here.

Now I don't have to worry about backing my MDX into objects I can't see! Happiness :)
That'd be fantastic, or even a word descript of where/how. Here are my primary questions, which you probably pondered during your 8 hr inspection:

-Did you end up mounting with the hangers under the bumper?
-What color were the reverse-lamp and ground wires in the light housing?
-How did you get the wires from down there up to the backup lights?
-Did you have to drill, or did you remove trim pieces?
-Where did you mount the control unit? I'm thinking the rear cargo area where you store the 3rd row headrests?
-Where did you mount the speaker? I'm thinking leaving it IN the rear cargo if loud enough, or maybe on a rear pillar.
-Where'd you hide all the wires?

BTW, is the micro3LV the one with the square sensors, or with the rectangular one? Did you do all 3 sensors or just 2? (boy, their website is terrible -- it's tough to figure out what the different model #s represent).

Thanks and sorry for all the questions. Looking forward to the pics -- I'm going to order one next week when I get up the guts to do it!

Also, if you're in need of a digital camera, I think we're both in the SF Bay Area. I'd be willing to meet and take the pics for the gallery here, and would buy lunch in exchange for the free advice :)
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Worm, I have just posted some pictures for Poron, with some notes about installation. It answeres most of the question you have. I'll be glade to answer question if you still have more. Go ahead and order it, and make sure to ask about the promo. :)
Those pics and descripts are fantastic -- thanks for taking the time and effort! I'm going to order this week.
I can't believe the clarity and detail of those pictures. I just ordered the Mini 3LV from Autotoys. I confirmed with Poron that the hangers do come with the Mini 3LV. I love the digital display and it should mount right on top of the steering column just before the gages. They tell me it's only .75" high and about 6" wide. The wires should be easy to hide there.
Those really are great pics (yea, I know I said that already). I'm installing mine this wkend assuming it arrives direct from Poron by then (autotoys didn't have the micro3LV; they just add another sensor to the micro2s which are a different sensor size than in kinmanc's pics (and I was afraid they wouldn't have those critical hangers for the bumper install).

Remember, u have to ask for the $50 discount if ordering direct from Poron. Mention the site!

accmdx -- I bet the toughest part for you with the digital readout will be figuring out where to run the wires -- too bad they don't have a cordless version!

FWIW, I *think* I figured out Poron's naming scheme:

Micro = backup unit with VOICE, no LED display
Mini = backup unit with LED display

2x = 2 sensor unit
3LV = 3 sensor unit for Large Vehicle


Mini3LV = the LED display with 3 sensors
Micro2S = Voice unit with 2 sensors

Also, autotoys uses a different numbering scheme altogether.
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Installing the Poron?


I received mine the day after I ordered it. Great service!

I have a few questions on your install which I can't quite figure out from the pictures:

1) Exactly where and through what did you route the wires for the three sensors from the outside of the car to the inside of the car?

2) How far in from the outside edge of the bumper did you mount the two outside sensors?

3) How much in from the back edge of the bumper did you mount the three sensors?

4) Did you actually screw through the bumper (I assume that it is plastic in that area) or did you use the double face tape?


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I don't think it matters too much where you put the sensors. If you look at the first and second picture, the right sensor almost "touches" the outer exhaust pipe. It is hard to say how far it is away from the bumper edge, since there is no sharply defined edge. It's round. :)

I'll say the sensors are a couple of inches from the back edge of the bumper, maybe less for the center one, because the plastic there under the bumper is much shorter. I put the ceneter sensor as far in as I could, and decided that it's OK.

I did drill 6 tiny holes (2 each) to screw in the hangers. It's very thin plastic there, so that's easy. I didn't use the tape provided because I think it's not secure enough, and I may need to adjust the sensor orientation (around the vertical axes) afterwards. I also didn't use their metal screws, but I used screws with washers and nuts. I placed the outsider sensors slightly tilted to the sides, so that I can detect objects that are closed to the side too. That seems to work out well.

As to the wire routings, you'll need to first find two holes. After you remove the plastic tailgate sill and look at the the back wall of the cargo compartment (where you put the head rest), you'll see 3 grommets (black plastic about 1.5 in in diameter) covering 3 holes. Remove (ply carefully with a screwdriver) the left one covering "the big hole". See picture 6.

Go under the SUV, you'll find more grommets on the underside of the SUV. There's a smaller one (about 1 in in diameter) near the bumper on the left (driver) side that you need to remove. I found it easier to do that by pushing it out with a stick from the big hole above. This is "the small hole". See picture 10.

The three sensor cables and the 2 backup light wires all go into the small hole and out of the big hole. I used a straighten coat hanger to help me get the cables through the holes.

You'll want to put back the grommets afterwards, to keep the wires in place, and to seal off dust and water.

BTW, I also hid most of the unused cable in the space between the small and big holes.

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Just finished installing mine. 2.5 hrs start to finish.

Works like a charm.

Thanks, again, kinmanc for the tips and pics -- HUGE help...and for making the initial investment in time to figure out the best way to do it.

BTW, I mounted my speaker on the rear pillar, near the floor. Everything else pretty much the same as kinmanc with just a slight mod on the wires to the rear lights (there was a channel a bit closer to the center of the car (it was easier for me to reach --> when you pop the taillight, look toward the lower right for the gap -- almost a straight shot to the grommet holes).

Plenty of room to stuff the extra wire betw the two holes/grommets -- too bad can't trim the modular cord pieces.

Maybe I'll drive around in reverse today just to play with it :)
I just had Radio City install my Poron Mini 3LV. It cost me 3hrs and $135. This was the first set of backup sensors they had attempted. They did an excellent job. They made me a bracket that mounted behind the front dome lights just above the rear view mirror. It still left plenty or room to adjust the mirror. The unit itself measures 7.5" wide x .75" high x .375" deep. All the wiring except for the first two inches is hidden behing the mouldings. You only notice the first 1/2" of flat wire that comes out of the digital display and then goes behind and up under the moulding. It's not in the way of the mirror or the overhead lights.

I purchased the unit from for $145 plus $14.95 S&H. Total $295 installed. It came with three under bumper sensors and mounts. This is the one that lists with Poron for $249.95 minus $50.00 introductory discount.
Hey, accmdx, if you can post a pic, that'd be cool. Out of curiosity, what's the closest range on yours? On our voice-only, it's 12 inches, then it yells "crash crash crash". Fortunately, there's no cheering or anything. Great for parallel parking.
TheWorm, sorry no digital camera nor scanner. I'd love to show everyone. According to the directions the minimum distance is 8". I believe I would get a constant tone at that distance.

I wish there was a way to control the volume of the beeper. I don't think anything in the auto environment will drown it out. I don't like how it beeps when you shift from Park to Drive every time. I wish it would stay mute and not make a beep when passing through Reverse.
Are you sure there isn't a small pot where you plug in the connectors.

I don't have the unit with the led, but rather voice and beep. I completely silenced the beep on mine, and noticed that there are two pots.



Did you silence the beep using the volume control for ALL beeping -- next to the volume for voice? That got rid of the beep when changing gears?

I just took out my instruction manual and they do mention "Also you may adjust the alarm sound level trimmer through the hole on the back side of the unit". Cool, that will make all the difference. I will probably mute it and just use the digital display.
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