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How often do you visit?

  • Once a week for around less than an hour

    Votes: 10 4.4%
  • 3 times or less per week - less than an hour each time

    Votes: 19 8.3%
  • 5 Times per week

    Votes: 42 18.3%
  • Daily for less than 45 mintues total

    Votes: 37 16.2%
  • Twice per day

    Votes: 33 14.4%
  • three times per day

    Votes: 26 11.4%
  • more than 3 times per day

    Votes: 62 27.1%

Poll - How often do you visit this site?

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How often do you visit this site?

Just wondering how often people visit. -- Make sure I don't have an addiction or something.
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I visit more than 3 times per day so I am addicted. What makes you think you are not?:D :D :D I am hoping that once I actually get my MDX I will cure this addiction. Well, if not, I always have my support group....
We might all need therapy

Looking at the poll above, it seems that a lot of us have found our 'favorite site'

Admin -- you should show this poll to potential advertisers -- seems like you have a loyal following of suckers looking to buy MDX stuff.

Well, I'll give you a hint, this is now my default site (since the Hunger Site went offline; before that I'd go there, then here...)
A few times per week ...

... but when I do I usually always stay for more than an hour. So a few times a week for me (sometimes more sometimes less) but always an hour or more per visit (as in tonight).

I have been prone to be gone for a while when things/life gets hectic and busy. Then its really hard to catch up. Oh well. Its a great/fun/informative site.

Many thanks to all who participate and work to make it great.
I'm with msu. I really enjoy this site. When my day gets stressful, I can come here and all that stress just floats away. I know I can count on a good laugh from Ghost or Roadrunner and the rest of the gang. :D
Good poll, davegood...Comforting to see I'm not alone in >3/day visits and having it as my homepage...I was beginning to worry :)
opposite of msu.

i'm on, i'm off, i'm on, i'm off. hope The Man ain't tracking my usage:eek: Hey, I need a new job anyway...

usually not more than 15 min at a time, unless I'm writing some long-winded response to questions/thoughts about wine. then it's blah, blah, blah.

If interested (in wine, not long-winded responses), please join in our little off topic wine-ers group (no experience necessary). harvest time is upon us!

Happy Trails

My wife claims I'm obsessed with this. Actually, I call it dedicated. Everytime I boot up at home I'm here!
Says something about the quality of the posters. It now is much better than Silicon Invester, although I hope that's not because the market isn't too positive lately.
Here's a tip for those of you that hang out on a computer most of the day. Windows 98 will support a second video card - you can drop in a card, attach a second monitor, and use the two monitors as a single large screen (including moving a window from one screen to another, it's pretty cool). So I keep an MDX session open on the second monitor, along with a Datek stock ticker so I can see how quickly I'm losing money, and my Musicmatch player, usually tuned to the MP3 reggae dub station. I then have the whole main monitor open for the occasion that I actually do some work. :)
Great tip!

Ghost: What a great idea!!! :D

I was about to reply to Redwing saying, 'Yeah, my wife has the same gripes.' Now, I'll just forward your message to her as my current action-plan. That'll really get her riled!!!:D :D :D

MANY thanks!

Well ok then

Clearly I'm going to need to spend some money on some hardware if I ever hope to rise to the 'Super Senior member' level.

That carries alot of weight in social circles, you know.

I should have added an item to the poll for constant or > 5 hours per day or something.
Hey, since we're all on so much (it's even technically in my job description :D), why not set up a midday chat? Any takers for a daily coffee klotch?
Get a Flat Panel

I just saw in Wired that NEC has a 17" flat panel monitor selling for around $1000, first time I've seen them this low.

You'll certainly want to argue to your spouses that you don't want another big bulky monitor on your desk, and if you're going to do it, you might as well have something elegant...

(so far this argument isn't working for me, but hey, it's worth a try!) :D:D
so really...

So really, the argument should probably be to get two flat panels, right. I mean -- think of all of the desk real estate you could clean up by having two of them -- you could just mount them on a stand, not even on the desk.

Maybe someone should look into a MDX special group buy on 17" flat panels. If you want to really do it right, I saw that Apple has a 24" flat panel plasma display for like $3,300. That would really show your dedication. In fact, if anyone buys one of them (I'm sure you don't have to buy a Mac), I will buy the sticker for it.
Actually, Tim has the right idea

Actually, Tim has the right idea... I just need to get viewing the site daily to be added to part of my job description.

Tim -- he's one smart guy ;)
hondacuraworld said:
Hey, since we're all on so much (it's even technically in my job description :D), why not set up a midday chat? Any takers for a daily coffee klotch?
Sheez Tim - even I couldn't weasel this into my job description - do they make you test out hot tubs at night too? :D:D

Anyway, how about putting together a group buy on flat panel displays for us addicts, er affictionados? You're the man, I know you could do it!

And what time's coffee? :)
I Take Mine With Cream!

I'm in, just let me know when. We have a Subway & Chick Filet in the cafeteria so I usually bag it at my desk anyway.
Meep Meep
Whenever's aggreeable with me. We could do a chat at 1PM EST, this way our west-coasters could join. Any ideas?
1pm EST is great!

I usually dart out to the vineyard at (my) lunchtime, but 10am Pacific would be super for me. So count me in!

To date, I have eschewed ever participating in online chats. Will I be content with the Java client chat, or should I get one of the IRC solutions?

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