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I've dealt w/this dealership for almost ten years and three Acura's
(including my yet-to-receive MDX). The two salesmen I’ve dealt with where
straight forward and knew the car’s well.

The Service Director is honest and they’ve never done any work on my car w/o first
calling me w/the details and pricing. The guys in the shop have always been courteous.
Pohanka will give you a ride to work or a free rental car if your repairs will take longer then
three(?) hours.

The one time they left my car a bit messy inside, I called the Service Director and told him.
Along w/his apology & promise that it would never happen again…Believe me - it never
happened again. They also call, usually about a week later and ask if I was satisfied
w/the serivce I received. I've always said, "Yes"... and meant it.

I don’t hesitate to refer them to anyone.

Oh - they give you a courtesy car wash every time - even for an oil change.



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When I was first looking for my mdx, I went to Pohanka. They gave me a 5-month waiting period. Then I headed over to Radley Acura and had a 1 week waiting list.

Not a hard choice.

But as sweetride stated Pohanka is a nice dealership. They are friendly and customer oriented.
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