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(Thanks to Daniel for letting us post here :) )

We are excited and happy to welcome you to our new discussions forums site, for Honda Accord sedan and coup owners, admirers and car enthusiasts alike.

Our site is intended to help ask questions and share your experiences with everyone else. If you are looking to shop for a new Accord, or looking for relevant information, please come join us here!

We offer the ability to browse, search information or participate in fun online polls.

Registered members may post new threads/articles within a forum or post a poll.

Polls are a fun way of quickly gauging public opinion.

We also offer a fun web calendar ( setup for public and private (personal) events that may be on your list. For example, you can setup your vehicle's scheduled maintenance and oil changes in your private area or share a public event in your area, etc. for car enthusiasts. We will be looking at the possibility of setting up optional reminder emails in future for private calendar events.

Other features include sending private messages to other users, uploading files and images, using html links in your discussions.

We respect your privacy, registration information will not be shared without your permission, and we shall not spam you with idiotic and meaningless stuff.

We shall be growing and updating our site with improved features and functionality. We look forward to your support, feedback, suggestions and ideas!

CordClub Admin
[email protected]
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