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Service Manual says to use new bolts on TB idler and tensioner pulleys. They are easy to identify. FSM also calls for new bolts on engine side mount brackets (upper and lower) which must be removed to get to TB. The Acura parts diagram is not very clear. It looks like the two 10 x 40 bolts for upper bracket are 90164-SHJ-A00 but I am not sure about the three bolts for the lower bracket. Item #27 shows three 10 x 30 bolts 90163-SDB-A00 which I believe are the right ones. But, Item #26 shows two 10 x 35 bolts 90163-SDA-A01 which look like they are also for the lower bracket. Since the lower bracket takes 3 bolts I guess the 90163-SDB-A00 are right but does anyone know for sure? Thanks.

Edit: Never mind, I found it. Lower side mount shows on engine block diagram. It takes one 10x85 95801-10085-08 and two 10x120 95801-101-08 bolts.
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