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Please Add The Build Date To Your Signature

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By adding your vehicle's build date to your signature will help people to correlate a certain kind of prolbems with certain batch of vehicals built within a certain time. I think this will help to improve the value of this forum. Any thoughts ?
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And while you are at it, also put down your VIN, your mileage, your age, your astrological sign, and your dog's name! :)

Sorry, just can't help it.

While the information you want may be relevant to you, signature is hardly the the place for it. It gets bad when you have to read the signature over and over again. (Sorry, Acura4Life, but yours is the worse :) ). It takes longer to download; it takes up precious real estate on your screen and it distracts from the main message. Put all those info in your profile and let people read them when they want to!

Hope I didn't offend anyone. Just expressing my opinion...
Never received a "build date"... just rec'd the MDX. Sticker on vehicle says 03/01. Nothing on paperwork reflects build date. Should I assume my car is a Pisces or Aries? :)
Pisces or Aries?


Same with mine--no build date from dealer. Can't figure out if it's a Pisces or Aries, but pretty sure it's a Snake! :D
In Case Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Mine's a Pisces (2/28) if you need to know and no comments using adjectives relating to fish!:D
Hmm, I'm a Taurus, my X is a Taurus. No wonder we get along so well....:D :D
Im a Taurus, snort snort.....
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