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I've a 2015 MDX 2WD no extra packages. Suddenly during a long road trip it seemed like something amiss in the auto-dimming mirror. It seemed like there was a pilot light and it no longer appeared to be lit (even when there were cars behind me).

There are two holes just below the mirror. One is sensor and I still believe the other is a pilot light. We checked the user's manual and it says to the effect of "light glows when the feature is activated".

I took it to the only dealer in my hometown and service adviser is vouching that there is no such pilot light there. He also says he checked two other 2015 and also called Acura Client Relations and even them say there is no pilot light.

1. What does the user manual refer to?
2. Do any of you owners have observed a light coming on (possible on the left of the two)?
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