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I am very impressed with the ion plasma fogs, when I drive everything is lite up yellow but when you look directly at fogs straight on they look whitish. Very unique look for the fogs much better range of sight from left to right and also much farther distance. Not as yellow as the QX-4. the super plasma for the highs is a much like a strong beam of light with a purple, bluish light just like the bmw hid system. This will be a good match when I get the hids4less stage II for the lows.

I think the Super Plasma 5000k were overpriced at $129.99, but a very good light. The Ion Plasma Yellow gave me the look I wanted to achieve by offsetting the purple, blue from the HID and the Super plasma. There were no other choices for the fogs. Again a little pricey at $89.99
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