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Phillips Blue Vision

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I just "upgraded" the headlights in my MDX. Following the excellent comparo and advice from proskunetes , I installed modified 9005 Phillips Bluevisions for the low beam headlights and installed 9006 Bluevisions for the fogs. The highs I left stock since I rarely use them. Its is quite a difference from stock halogens and they look really white, not fake HID bluish-like. No problem with blinding oncoming drivers after a month of testing. Total cost was $12.99 each bulb at Kmart. The 9006's I found at ebay for $7.50 each. If you want to do a very good and relatively cheap upgrade, this is the way to go.
BTW, the Bluevisions are rated at 65 watts (stock bulbs are 51 watts) so I was a little concerned about generating too much heat in the housing or wiring harness but Ive got no problems of heating so far and I think it'll be OK since the MDX does not have DRL's.
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rlm, I wouldn't worry about the heat buildup. I have had 80watters (from platinumprices) installed for 7 months with no prob.
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