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Just in case anyone is ever looking for a circuit that is only powered when the ignition is on in the passenger fuse box....

I was installing a Thinkware F800 dash cam and (stupidly) without using my multimeter I just 'assumed' that certain circuits would be only powered on based on what things they were powering. So, I needed one wire to be 'battery' (so constant power), and the other to be ACC (or powered only with ignition on). This allows the F800 to go into 'parking' mode when the power to the vehicle is off (so it will record only if motion or impact is sensed so the unit doesn't drain the battery), and to turn on in full recording mode when the vehicle is turned on.

Anyway, I tapped into the fuse for the power seats for the constant power, as the seats always move, even when the car is turned off. I then tapped into the heated seat fuse, as I figured that only works when the ignition is on. No luck..the F800 powered on without the car being turned on. I then tried the fuse for the audio unit / front power socket / DVD etc., as those are all off with the vehicle off. No luck.

Finally, I grabbed my multimeter and started checking circuits. Did you know that every circuit/fuse in the passenger fuse box is powered even when the vehicle is turned off except for #15 - a 7.5 amp door multiplex/power window control unit/Moonroof open relay. I'm now connected to that one and the F800 is working perfectly.


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