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Passat W8 4Motion Wagon

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Hey, it's got a 4 litre 8 cylinder, 271 HP, 273 ft/lb engine...


Lots of "stuff"... (the price sticker at the Chicago Auto Show said $39,635 worth...)

Realistically it is very expensive Vdub, (but then again so are the Allroads...)

Compares favorably with the BMW 540 wagon size wise and money wise...
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Re: Re: allroad vs. mdx in snowy tahoe

JLee said:

well thats discouraging, i've read a couple of posts now that have reported poor snow performance..........

i knew i shoulda gotten that allroad, i wonder if its too late

The posts are from the same member: jpayne. The consensus seems to be that the results he reported are likely due to a problem with the VTM-4 on his MDX. In fact, with the update on this thread that he did NOT have a problem when manually engaging VTM-4 lock:
jpayne said:
...the MDX was slip-sliding away all over the place, until I LOCKED the rear differential with the VTM-4 lock.
leads me to agree that it appears that the sensors that detect wheel slip are not initiating the transfer of torque to the rear wheels.
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