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Passat W8 4Motion Wagon

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Hey, it's got a 4 litre 8 cylinder, 271 HP, 273 ft/lb engine...


Lots of "stuff"... (the price sticker at the Chicago Auto Show said $39,635 worth...)

Realistically it is very expensive Vdub, (but then again so are the Allroads...)

Compares favorably with the BMW 540 wagon size wise and money wise...
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Hey Paul S.,
How does your allroad compare with your wife's MDX (assuming she lets you drive it)?
The Audi was my first choice before I bought the MDX but I remember reading about reliability issues with the 2001. I have no regrets about my decision but I do have feelings of envy every time I see an allroad and it's excellent Audi styling!

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