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Hey all.

My rear left parking brake makes a clicking sound after I apply the parking brake and remove foot from the regular brake pedal. It also makes clicking sounds if the car jerks when I'm entering / exiting the vehicle.

I'm going to guess the parking brake needs an adjustment? Is this a fairly simple adjustment or can it lead to something more expensive?

An Acura dealer told me this is covered as part of the B service, but I'm skeptical, as I thought B service just includes 'inspection' and not 'adjustment'

The reason I ask is because an Acura dealer is quoting me a very reasonable price of $70 for B service (without tire rotation / balancing). So it's a solid price to get my oil+filter change and the parking brake issue taken care of if the clicking sound is just an adjustment issue usually.

Thanks for any feedback. I have a '15 SH-AWD with 74K miles.
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