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Parents with toddlers - *MUST READ!!*

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"Young children are at greater risk in private driveways and parking lots than as occupants of motor vehicles"

I read this article last night:

and it was a definite eye opener. Not only parents should read this, but everyone should.

We all think we are very careful when backing out of the garage but I'm sure the couple in the article thought the same thing. I think back at the times when I've blasted out of the garage and driveway without giving much thought. Yes, the kids are in the house, but what if they slipped out when I wasn't looking?

Today, whenever I put the car in reverse, I thought of this article.

I already told my wife about the article and told her to be very carefull, now I am telling all of you:

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Acura doesn't yet offer a reverse sensing system, but one can add a third-party one. Some members here have installed the Poron system. Search for "poron" and those threads are available.

Such systems will help avert tragedies, though driver vigilence is the key.
It is a sad story, but how careless (or stupid) can this parent be? Not enough of gadget or sensor can replace common sense. This reminds me the story of garage door coming down and killing small children even with that sensor gadget on the floor. I think it is parent's responsibility, pure and simple.

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