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There has been an "interesting" discussion in "Dealer Ratings" about this dealer. Since IMO that's not a proper place for an argument, I'd like to try to continue it in this thread.

To summarize that discussion in a few words, a poster was very much SATISFIED with Paragon after agreeing to pay the asking price ( he is not specific, but I guess around $2K over sticker). He was also "appauled" at all negative comments about Paragon both in Dealer Ratings and in various threads throughout this forum.

I have been a critic of Paragon Acura since day 1, because on Day 1 in October of 2000 they (Internet Sales dept) gave me a run-around, quoted UPWARD OF $5K in markup and inflated options, and talked to me generally in a "take-it-or-leave-it" tone of voice.
I went to Acura of Brooklyn were I got a great and friendly service, MSRP (with certain freebies which brought the price below the list) and a few options which I wanted at a price very close to Acura's Web Site. (disclaimer - many other customers have complained that AoB had since "crossed to the dark side")

I also have been on this forum long enough to "know personally" quite a few people who either bought MDX from Paragon and were "horrified" by their experience, or were simply turned away by salespeople's slimey behavior and might or might not have bought elsewhere.

I am sure that once a buyer agrees to pay the "asking price", they (Paragon) become EXTREMELY pleasant, friendly and accomodating. Hell, you (the buyer) and others like you help them retire early, put their kids through college, etc. etc. etc.
I cannot tell you how to WASTE your own money. But being a NY-er, I am sure that you can find plenty of charitable places where your money will truly help the needy, our HEROES, or any other cause better than enriching slimey salesmen.

I also realize that if you ("a satisfied Paragon customer" [IMO, an oxymoron! :)]) want the MDX badly, it's of little help to you if a guy in Ky or Or will sell for MSRP...
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