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Painted wheel arch, plastic trim, molding to match Vehicle color. Thoughts?

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Guys, I am in a huge dilemma mode and need your opinions.
We have a white 2022 Tech and I wanted to spice some things up externally.
I hate the new MDX plastics around the wheels and all around under bumpers, it drives me nuts.
I decided to slap an OEM lip for front and rear as well as running boards but it made the look even worse.
Tried my best to photoshop the black wheel arches and trim & moldings to see how it would look when all is painted.

IMHO it made the wheels look subconsciously bigger and/or the vehicle lower than it really is and I like it.
Any thoughts? Does all white trim make it too mini-van-ish?

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I was not a fan of the black wheel well openings and that is one of the reasons I chose a white A-Spec so those black pieces will blend in with the A-Spec's styling.
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