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Painted wheel arch, plastic trim, molding to match Vehicle color. Thoughts?

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Guys, I am in a huge dilemma mode and need your opinions.
We have a white 2022 Tech and I wanted to spice some things up externally.
I hate the new MDX plastics around the wheels and all around under bumpers, it drives me nuts.
I decided to slap an OEM lip for front and rear as well as running boards but it made the look even worse.
Tried my best to photoshop the black wheel arches and trim & moldings to see how it would look when all is painted.

IMHO it made the wheels look subconsciously bigger and/or the vehicle lower than it really is and I like it.
Any thoughts? Does all white trim make it too mini-van-ish?

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Y'all got lots of time and money on your hands apparently!

Next step, paint the exhaust system under the car bright red even though nobody will see it haha. 馃槀
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Thanks for the info, Chazzy.

I went to 3 local body shops today. Depressing situation lol
The first shop gave me a quote for painting all trim and lips white; totaling $3,175 and the soonest they'd be able to do it is March.
Second shop said they don't do this type of work and only do big jobs for insurance companies; redirected me to a third small shop that said the earliest they'd be doing any paint work was in the month of May o_O

Super discouraged rn and thinking of doing the paint job myself :ROFLMAO:
Sheesh $3200 to get a few inches painted on the car! I'll bet some less fortunate kids or families could use that money bro
Easy now, hobbies are hobbies. We鈥檙e a group of car people here and car hobbies also equal money. No reason to be like that. Also, he could be supporting a local small body shop stay in business during these difficult COVID times. So let鈥檚 just leave those comments be鈥
yeah fair enough. I guess it's not on me to judge what is a wise use of $$$ vs a wasteful splurge. I could easily look in the mirror and say that the fact that I am considering spending $50-60K on a freakin MDX is also wasteful when I could keep driving my current car, and help out the unfortunate families. Comment retracted and carry on with the hobby!
I know this might look good in the short term but aren't you guys risking that this will end up looking like a$$ once the DIY paint starts peeling off the plastic in a few years?
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