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Painted My MDX all by myself!!!

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You just don't know how much I really love my MDX. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned and I am a true fanatic about it. My friends and family will just never understand the bond I have with my Nighthawk Black MDX. I searched high and low for a black replica for my desk at home so I could look at it everyday. They only make it in silver.

Well, I had to play god and went to the local Acura dealer for some touch up paint. Since it has been cold here in NY and I have been home sick with flu, sore throat, and eye infection (one white eye, the other is completely red) I decided to paint my diecast model MDX. Took many layers and a lot of patience. But definitely worth the effort. Still a couple of more coats to go. Anyone know how many coats the factory uses?

How do I do the interior to match my saddle?


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Another View

The MDX can haul just about anything.


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One more coat

Should I do any more coats. I am just having too much fun now.


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...and shouldn't the moonroof be slightly tinted? ;)
Love it! I held off buying a model, cause they don't come in my color, too! Now, gotta buy one!

Nicely done!

That does look kinda cool. Hmmmm...I wonder if I should do that.
Try dunk it in water and see if the mirrors weep...
Looks nice ...

... but I am still unable to get Mahogany Touch-up paint after nine months
Good work but I think I see some "orange peel" effect in your paint:D :D :D . Better get a mini front nose mask to protect your work.
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