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Paint Chips

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What do most do about those tiny little nagging paint chips - you know, the kind that's just enough to barely see the white undercoat?
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Two Answers!

If you have steady hands (and nerves) get the touch-up paint from Acura or that commercial source that has been mentioned here. DO NOT use the brush that comes with it. Use a toothpick or a hypodermic syringe to create a very small dot of paint. The syringe method is apparently the one favored by the touch-up paint specialists.
If you don't want to try your hand, I recommend that you check with your dealer to see if they have an independent service for painting. In my experience they do a good job but it is not FREE!
See previous posting Paint Link
Touchup Paint

Yeah, I know better than to bother with the touchup paint and I can't take the car in every time I notice one of those teeny tiny little pin-head size nicks that are beginning to show up all over. The dealer does have one of those services that come in. I was hoping for some magic solution and/or some paint hardening ideas.
Mahogany is ...

... on backorder. Been on backorder for a while. In fact I spoke with my dealer today, no luck.

We have our first small chip:mad: Probably happened on the recent Lubbock trip.
Touch Up Paint

I have had Mahogany touch up paint on order for 4 months. What's up with that? That white undercoat really show up on the dark Mahogany surface. Hate those rock chips! Also would like to cover up the small scratch on the passanger side door. Might have been caused by my belt buckle while "Zainoing"!:mad:
Paint Available from

I'm not the one that found this originally but you can get all the MDX paint colors from
I double checked right now and they DO list Dark Mahogany Pearl Clearcoat YR-530P.
By the by, there is no harm in trying. It's gotta look better than a white spot :rolleyes: and when I asked the touch-up specialist he said that paint is always better protection than leaving a spot. Even if you are going to get it professionally painted later, they say that painting is better than not.
Hope this helps.
How Do You Repair Paint Chips?

An old thread but with all the sanded roads thought it would be timely to revive this one.

On my recent trip over the holidays, many miles over recently sanded highways, my X received it's share of paint chips. Most are small and I think I'll experiment with the touch up paint on a few before I try the larger two on the front of my X. Probably got 8 or 10 in total.

Fortunately the windshield is relatively undamaged although a few real small chips can be seen if I look real hard. The Formfit may have helped.

Any other ideas on repairing paint chips?
anyone ever use a paint pen instead. I just noticed them today on

I'm going to pick one up next time I'm at the dealer.
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