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P0430 / P2247 / SH-AWD Codes

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Check Emissions and SH-AWD lights came on the other day, took to honda dealer and they said P0430 and P2247 codes were obtained. They ordered an O2 sensor to try first, but claim it may not be the fix, it could be the catalytic converter (CC). Events leading up to these lights:
1) filled up tank with 93 octane at Sams Club
2) removed bluetooth module harness because we were having issue and starting on weekend trip, did not want to drain battery
3) drove ~80 miles before lights came on, typically only use vehicle around town

I understand the acura has extended the warranty on the CC to 120K, unfortunately our 2007 has 125K, so I will be calling acura, but doubtful they will warranty the CC. Lights are currently reset, but O2 sensor is on the way, my question, should i replace the O2 sensor or wait to see if it comes back. This happened once before (~4 yrs ago) and honda dealer cleaned or replaced EGR valve, not sure of the codes back then, but we had the same 2 lights. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Emission light stayed off for awhile once Dealer reset and recently came back on, but then went out after 1 day. I am hesitant to spend the $300+ on an O2 sensor without knowing it will correct the issue. Anyone have info on a cheap code reader that would work for an '07 MDX? I am leaning on cleaning the EGR valve/port, I had this done back in '11 when both my Emission Light and SH-AWD light came on, but not sure on the codes back then. Any insight/recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks for this information TexasHonda, info sparks some questions:
1) Would an open circuit be intermittent, our emission light is...ON/OFF
2) I did remove and reinstalled the bluetooth module just prior to the trip in which the emission and SH-AWD light came on, any chance this could have caused an electric issue. Seems like i have read similar events within the forums, but nothing definitive
3) Assume changing out the O2 sensor ($300+) is not recommended?
4) Any recommendations on a cheap code reader?
Still having issues with codes, currently just resetting every time. I sometimes only get the P0430 and sometimes only get the P2247 code. Honda dealer wanted to start replacing components starting with the O2 sensor, this could get rather expensive. Anyone have any recommendations, hoping someone on this forum has had the same codes and were able to resolve with a definitive fix. I am leaning towards cleaning/replacing the EGR valve, did this several years ago when getting a code and resolved until recently.

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