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P0430 / P2247 / SH-AWD Codes

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Check Emissions and SH-AWD lights came on the other day, took to honda dealer and they said P0430 and P2247 codes were obtained. They ordered an O2 sensor to try first, but claim it may not be the fix, it could be the catalytic converter (CC). Events leading up to these lights:
1) filled up tank with 93 octane at Sams Club
2) removed bluetooth module harness because we were having issue and starting on weekend trip, did not want to drain battery
3) drove ~80 miles before lights came on, typically only use vehicle around town

I understand the acura has extended the warranty on the CC to 120K, unfortunately our 2007 has 125K, so I will be calling acura, but doubtful they will warranty the CC. Lights are currently reset, but O2 sensor is on the way, my question, should i replace the O2 sensor or wait to see if it comes back. This happened once before (~4 yrs ago) and honda dealer cleaned or replaced EGR valve, not sure of the codes back then, but we had the same 2 lights. Any insight would be appreciated.
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Hey wanted to kick up this old thread as I'm having the same issues. P2247 code and SH-AWD. The SH-AWD doesn't really seem to happen anymore but the P2247 code does. It has gone off at times but will always come back on. Looks like I can get a replacement O2 sensor for around $135 at auto zone. Don't want to spend a ton of money taking this into the shop if I don't have too as it's 10 years old (2008) and I don't want to drop a ton of cash if I don't have too. Currently have 107k on it. Any additional thoughts? Is it worth it for me to get the O2 sensor and replace? Further up in the thread someone mentioned the CC warranty extended to 120k miles and since I'm well under 120k that's good. Would an ODBC device tell me exactly what the problem is??
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