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So I searched this site completely and found few threads.
Most (including Honda) recommends removing upper and part of lower manifold etc.
That is a time consuming AND expensive (change gaskets etc.)

It can be replaced by removing power steering pump.
NOT easy but doable.
Hope this helps someone down the road....

If you have to replace just the wire this process may not work becasue you most likely will break the plastic housing near the sensor.
This process is ideal if you want to replace sensor AND wire.
See this video (It's in Spanish but shows the whole process), found it on YouTube.

My daughter has my 03 MDX in NY now.
She complained about engine light so I checked the code and it was P0325.

It's either sensor is bad or wire is eaten by rodents (being in NY that was the case, I confirmed once I removed the top plastic cover).

Step 0 - Remove the top plastic cover on the upper manifold.
Step 1 - Remove power steering pump.
Use 14mm socket and push tensioner pully towards fire wall (I used long pipe to get leverage). It's the pully right under the PS pump pully.

That will slack the belt enough to take it off the PS pump pully.
I used wire tie to hold the belt in place so I don't have to redo the belt through all pulleys.

Step 2 - Put a rag under the low pressure connector (hose that goes to PS fluid reservoir).
Use clamping plier to open the clip and silde it off the pump.
Move the hose out of the way, keeping it oriented UP so fluid does not drip.

Step 3 - Remove the two 12 mm bolts holding the PS pump. Keep the high pressure line connected and just push the pump away from the work.

Step 4 - Remove one bolt (facing down) holding the wiring harness.
Step 5 - Remove two brackets (where the PS pump was attached). There are 2 bots holding (I think 14 mm) each bracket. Some are hard to see. (See the above video).

Step 6 - There is another small metal bracket (connected to one of the bracket above you took out closer to radiator), remove that to loosen the wiring harness that goes towards the sensor.

I checked the wire and it was already chewed up.
I had already purchased one from Curry Acura. ($6 + 3 shipping).
I bought the sensor from Advance autopart (with 25% off coupon), $25.00

Step 6 - Remove old sensor. I broke off the plastic housing on top of the sensor on purpose.
Sensor is reachable by hand (Skinny hands).
I used short height 24mm socket and with some difficulty, I was able to unscrew it.

Step 7 - By hand screw in new sensor (remember to feel where the notch is for the wire socket).
I had practiced this and knew how both surfaces felt. You can't attach wire before hand and you can't see inside while attaching the wire.
I gently tightened the sensor by hand only (hope it lasts). Ideal tool would be angled wrench 24mm. Needs to be shallow and thin neck because there is not much room around.

Step 8 - Attach new wiring harness by feeling the sensor notch and pushing it in by one hand!
On the other end of wiring it will attach to metal bracket and another plug that goes into rest of the wiring harness. On mine 2nd sire was also little damaged, I put electric tape there.

Reverse the process to put back brackets and power steering pump, attach hose and put the belt back on pully.

Took me more like 8 hours but only cost me $35.00
NOTE: I noticed new wire now has anti-mice wrapping so this is a known problem. Old one just had the plastic cover.
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