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Overinflated Tires on Delivery

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I don't know if this has been discusssed before but ride seemed a little hard when I picked up the car from the dealer. Checked tire inflation when tires were cold and all four were around 46 psi. Recommended inflation is 32 psi. I've noticed this with other new vehicles before also. Maybe something to do with shipping? Anyway, if your ride seems a little hard, might want to check tire pressure.
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I just checked my tire pressure since I am driving to Florida tomorrow, and all 4 tires were at 35 lbs cold. When I called the service dept of my dealer, they said the pressure should be between 32 and 35 lbs, so I guess I will leave them as is.

What are the adv and disadv of 32 vs 35?
In another thread, it was my hypothesis that dealers do this so that the tires don't "look" flat. This is especially true for low profile tires. This is why I took my air pressure guage to the dealer when I picked up the MDX and bled all the tires until they were 32 psi.

On my CL everyone comments that my tires look flat but in reality they are filled to the correct pressure.
..46 psi. Recommended inflation is 32 psi...
I knew this from the salesman before taking delivery of my car. I don't know the reason but the car is shipped with tires over inflated. However, your dealer should take care of this among other things (paint sealant, etc.) to prepare your car for you when you pick up your car.
When I picked my car up (12/3) it had 40 lbs of air. I had a gauge with me, thanks to the warnings on this site! The service tech said they are shipped with extra air "to keep the vehicle tighter on the truck when shipped". They sent me home with 35 lbs. but I have since reduced to 32 and the ride is much smoother and quieter.:)
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