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Out-of-town Dealers

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Hi all,

I have put down a deposit for the MDX and am expecting delivery of the vehicle in July. There are no Acura dealers in my town. The nearest Acura dealer (where I have placed my order) is 240 miles away. I would like to hear the experiences of people who bought their MDX from an out-of-town dealer. My specific concern is regarding routine servicing. The dealer tells me that routine servicing can be done at any Honda dealership and that the MDX uses many of the same items that a Honda would for routine servicing (such as oil filter etc.) I would like to know if that is true. Also, what if the MDX has a problem that can only be handled by an Acura dealer? How have folks dealt with this situation? I would love to hear your experiences. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Your specific concern of 'routine' service is of no concern- the big issue is warranty work.

Sure, "routine servicing" can be done at any Honda dealership. For that matter, any Ford, Chevy or Jiffy Lube can do "routine servicing". Heck, I do all my routine service in my garage.

But when it comes to ANY warranty work, you'll be driving for 4 hours. We're not talking major engine rebuilds- any tick, thud, adjustment, whistle, etc etc.

I may be wrong, but I'd get it in writing from Acura that Honda will provide the warranty service...NOT from the dealership either, but from Acura corporate in Torrance CA.

I'm not saying don't buy the MDX, just understand the deal you're getting. Maybe get the dealership to agree that any warranty work which takes more than (let's say)4 hours, they give you a loaner AND they bring the car back to you when it is done. That way you only loose one day max on any visit.... but get it in writing.

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Thanks for your input. I will certainly talk to the dealer about getting the assurances you have mentioned...although with the MDX being such a hot seller I don't know that they will be too motivated to agree to my terms.

While some of my suggestions are 'above and beyond', the large issue is honesty and accuracy: if the dealership is claiming that the Honda dealer will handle all your service (both routine and warranty) it should be true.

Yes it might not be possible to get written assurances, but putting the statement in writing and including it on a purchase contract should be a no-brainer for them- unless it isn't true...

Good luck

I called Acura Client Services today...they told me in no uncertain terms that ANY warranty work would have to be done by an Acura dealer....:(

I hope (and pray) that my MDX will not have any problem(s) that require warranty work. Reading about some of the problems that some MDX owners have had makes me really nervous, though.
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