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Actually, any gifts would work, you don't have to limit them to me :D

Here's mine:

1. Set of WeatherTech floormats for the Civic
2. A gift certificate for a massage (licensed therapist, don't get any wise ideas :D)
3. Electric razor....easier to do in the car than at home
4. An MDX (well, I can dream, can't I?)
5. CSX SD-45 Lionel engine (the one Joey and I always see when we go to watch the trains)
6. Find somebody to finish the repairs on my Philco Predicta TV that I haven't had time to do
7. Loewe Arcadia television (dream, dream :D)
8. A pair of speaker stands

Post 'em here, and send your gift buyers the link. C'mon Santa, I've been good!
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