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Our Official Holiday Wish Lists

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After conspiring behind the scenes with Tim, I'm starting this seasonal thread for all of us allegedly "hard-to-buy-for" members. Here's how this works:

1. Post a list of your most desired MDX accessories here.

2. Send your spouse (significant other, loved one, relative, etc.) this URL ( or print out this post for offline shopping.

3. Suggest that they order from Tim at 1-888-RAY-LAKS or email him at [email protected] (this isn't a group buy, just the usual good deal).

Simple? Yes. And best of all, no more socks. (davegood's already got the spirit in another thread.) I'll post my list shortly.

Happy Holidays (especially for Tim)!

- ablank
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I've been a good boy

Besides your boundless love and affection, this year I would treasure any of the following heartfelt gifts:

- a wood shift knob
- cargo net
- cargo liner
- tailgate deflector

your doting husband
- ablank
Actually, any gifts would work, you don't have to limit them to me :D

Here's mine:

1. Set of WeatherTech floormats for the Civic
2. A gift certificate for a massage (licensed therapist, don't get any wise ideas :D)
3. Electric razor....easier to do in the car than at home
4. An MDX (well, I can dream, can't I?)
5. CSX SD-45 Lionel engine (the one Joey and I always see when we go to watch the trains)
6. Find somebody to finish the repairs on my Philco Predicta TV that I haven't had time to do
7. Loewe Arcadia television (dream, dream :D)
8. A pair of speaker stands

Post 'em here, and send your gift buyers the link. C'mon Santa, I've been good!
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please please please

I posted this in a different thread, so I am reposting this here.

I asked for:
1. The actual car itself -- supposed to be built 12/15-12/19, so hopefully before new years, and
2. Running boards
3. Wood shift knob
4. Weather tech mats front and rear
5. Tailgate deflector.
6. That same TV that Tim mentioned, or the flat screen philips one from the bose store.

Hopefully I've been a relatively good boy this year.....

Hey Tim -- you should probably specify type of electric razor -- that new Braun one with the self cleaning head looks pretty nice in all of the ads they run now.
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