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I saw a thread in saying a sony switch can be used to input the of a dvd player to the factory radio.
It's a sony XA-39II. This guy described it as it can be hooked in between the Factory radio and the factory amplifier.
Does any body have a clue on this?
As far a i see on the picture of the sony, it only has rca inputs and outputs. It doesn't have a volume control either so i don't see a way to control the volume unless your dvd has a built in volume controller. I wonder if Radioshack sells a gadget to convert a pre amp level to speaker level that also has a volume control?

I'm just not satisfied with the FM modulator sound for my PS2 to the factory radio. Too much distortion for my tolerance level.

Maybe I should just buy a cheap cassette head unit(like Koss,audiovox) with RCA input to hook up the PS2. Then connect the 4 channel speaker output of the cheap head unit to the 4 channel speaker output of the stock radio using 2 4pdt relays. Maybe it'll sound a lot better than the FM MODULATOR.

any inputs would be greatly appreciated
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