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"Ordered" my 2001 in Feb of that year. Four month wait, took delivery in June. Dealer was getting MSRP for every unit they sold. (told me that Honda got MSRP for every Odyssey they sold in the first four years)
Almost bought an RX300 but I'm glad I didn't.

164,000 on the vehicle now. Alpine's original Navigation system for Acura is still the best configured system that I've this day.

Done most of the maintenance myself. Paid others to do timing belt, engine mounts (unnecessarily). Did front struts myself. At 140,000 bought a remanufactured tranny from a Honda contractor in Kansas City - through a local transmission shop. Still all original exhaust components....EXHAUST COMPONENTS ?!.....after 14 years. ??
This forum has helped with a couple of issues.

May be reaching the end of my time with this vehicle.
I would like to sell it to someone who appreciates the brand and is aware of this forum as a resource. Do folks sell through the classifieds on this site?

Carry on my wayward sons. :cool:
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