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Hi all,

I am pretty new here but this website has been a source of great information that I have used throughout the few years.

I have done personal research on this topic but I would like a portion of the communities opinion as well. Here it goes.

I own a 2002 Acura MDX Touring currently and I have been looking to upgrade it to one of the following years of 2007/2008/2009.
From my research so far, the model has not changed much between those 3 years in terms of size, engine, and most aesthetics.
At least according to google, the estimated EPA on the '07 is higher than the latter model of '08 and '09 (Not sure why really).

Now for those who are wondering why those specific years.
1. Those were the only years where they had the dual faced grill instead of their newer models from 2010-2016 where they added the face lip (Chrome)
I personally do not like look of that lip on any Acura. It was nice to see them change it for their 2017 model.

2. A fully decked out model with nav/sport/ or any of those combined packages are in the ballpark of around 10k-15k as of today in excellent condition.

So the gist of all of this, is were their any specific issues on those models or were their any major differences between them?

I would like to look into this in the next few years down the road to replace my current mdx with a newer mdx (looks nicer with that model grill imo). The new MDX is great and all, but it is also huge compared to my current one. I simply don't need that big of a car.

Thank you in advance for your answers :smile2:


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Do not trust the EPA.
My current MPGs on my 07 Tech + RES.

-This is on the city driving spritely (Not light on takeoff or throttle input):
Lowest 9mpg
Average 11mpgs
Max 12mpgs

-Driving like a total grandma city (feathering the throttle, hypermiling):
Lowest 13mpgs
Average 14-16mpgs
Max 17mpgs

-Highway at 65mph (very light throttle, no overtakes):
Lowest 19mpgs
Average 23mpgs
Max 26mpgs.

-Highway at 80mph:
Lowest 15mpgs
Average 18mpgs
Max 20mpgs.

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Thank you for the information skirmich.

I average about 20 on highway and about 17-18 on city streets.
Seeing you are from socal, traffic is significantly heavier than where I am so I will probably have a little better mileage.

A quick clarification. Does yours take premium gas as well?

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All 2nd Gens takes Premium (07-13)..
It wasn´t until the 3rd Gen MDX (2014 and up) that Honda decided to make it "Recommended" and accept Regular too.
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