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Hey all, from sunny, quarantined Florida. Been on here a long time (well, since April 2019). Have used this site a ton to get me through what has been a stressful first year with an old Acura. Just decided to do a delayed intro.

It's a 2006 MDX Limited. Enjoy the sunroof, AWD for the family in the snow (when visiting the in-laws in NY), leather, 3rd row. It hit all my check boxes for what I wanted. Main thing was looking for dependable high-mileage SUV. Had 135K when we got it, and my mechanic made some minor repairs after purchase, and gave it his seal of approval. Confirmed the 100K service was done, to include the timing. So I pulled the trigger early 2019. Then, the fun began.

Issues have been:

Broken motor mount (mechanic fixed)
Rear seal leaking oil (slow but steady)
Front oil leak (valve cover- fixed with valve adj)
Valve adjustment-needed badly (done 2019)
Pwr steering leak at fitting (done 2019)
VTM4 fluid change (done 2019)
New gaskets (valve cover, intake- 2019)
O2 bank2 upstream/downstream replaced (today)
PCV valve (had broken off inside valve cover- replaced this week)
**forgot to mention the 2 valve cover bolts broken off in the valve heads, on two different occasions. One on the backside and one on the front. Always a fun time.

I'll try and attach some pics, and post later about a new and exciting issue I am trying to fix next week.

Until then, be safe.



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