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My wife has an 2007 MDX and have not been pleased with it since the beginning. Anyway here are the facts:

- Car is well maintained and mostly driven mostly short distances on a daily basis (~5 miles each way). Only about 12 long distance trips (over 400 miles each) in life of vehicle.
- Car has 91,000 miles with all maintenance/oil changes done on time.
- Car consumes A LOT of gas (that is about 15 miles/gallon)...Ha...I have a Ford Raptor 6.2L that gives better mileage...!

Current issue:
- Oil Life indicator shows 30% remaining but oil gage icon started to flash then stopped. On the message screen a recommendation came up regarding Check Oil.
- Checked the oil level and was OK.
- Took car to dealer to change oil.
- Dealer came back with: You need to change OIL PRESSURE SWITCH and OIL PUMP IS FAULTY. Total cost: $1,700.00.

- Is the dealer really interested in selling me those parts + labor instead of looking for other real maybe forming of oil sludge (that can be removed much easier and less costly)?
- Is there anything I can do to figure out if dealer is right or not?
- If oil sludge is the problem - how can I clean it?
- Did anybody else experience the same situation and what was the solution?

Appreciate any feedback that is direct related to solving this problem.

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