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Oil Leak

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I have a post under this board in a different spot but I wanted to make sure everyone reads this and checks thier MDX for an oil leak ( Right front underside - look at the oil pan and make sure there is no drips ) - sweet and simple .. my MDX is in the shop gettin a new motor put in it .. only 4000 miles on it.

Ive been out of my MDX for 15 days now and the Acura Cust care guy for my state offered me the extended warranty free for my troubles.. I told the guy that I am moving ahead with the lemon law for this state and that I will take it into consideration what has been offered so far. I am also going to go through the BBB Auto line as the warranties book says to.

What would you do if you were in my situation?

This will list my experience with my MDX sofar and I hope this helps anyone in deciding on buying a vehicle right now. :confused:
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Sounds horrible! Just make sure it is actually a new engine.

As for me, unless the offer of extended warranty is intended to be some sort of bribe to keep you from persuing the BBB and lemon law mechanisms, I'd say 'thank you very much and why don't you fix the Thud (and figure a fix for the weeping mirrors) while you're at it.' IMO, they also should be paying for a replacement rental car.

If the offer is meant to dissuade you from holding their feet to the fire... well...:mad:
I think I'd pursue a new vehicle - and possibly visit a lawyer to see what your rights are. After 4k miles, I'd hate the thought of a new engine in the vehicle (if it really is that - sounds more like they're doing a rebuild - otherwise, slapping a new engine in there shouldn't take that long).

Either way - people on this board have received that extended warranty for around $1k, meaning the cost to Acura is much less - not exactly fair reimbursement for what you've gone through.
BellTeck --

Do a quick search for engine and also check out the engine ping/rattle thread.

Someone else had a low-mileage MDX that blew a cylinder and needed a new engine. He got some sort of deal from Acura Corporate but hasn't posted details online - probably due to the gag order you have to sign. PM/email him and maybe he'll give you some advice.

Good luck.

:) Thank you all for your reply's .. especially you worm .. I did find the post ... although it was very general about the satisfied acura customer that was going thru a motor problem/ replacement.

Your right, he did not say what they did to make him happy .. I did email him but im not sure if I will get a reply.

To all .. I felt the same way about the warranty .. like the rep was trying to make me a satisfied customer with that but I told him point blank that I would rather have a MDX without any major problems even more than an extended warranty. They did supply me with a rental car free of charge ( on my 4th one - enterprise sux ) but ive made so many trips to the dealer, had to take time off work, phone calls, paperwork, and not to mention the stress of knowing you have a very expensive BROKE truck.

Im going to start the BBB right now and I have the letter ready to go to Acura tomorrow morning. The TV thing was sure on my mind ... they have a nasty news channel down here that loves to offer legal advise over the air. Mybe I'll call the rep and ask him to be on TV with me .. im sure he'd love that.

again thanks for the reply's , I will update the progress for those who are interested and those who may have to deal with this ( god help you if you do ) yourself.

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oops..almost forgot...

does anyone know of anyone else who has been offered some kind of compensation from acura for a repair situation?

I don't understand

how an oil leak could cause an engine to need replacing unless you lost all the oil or they forgot to replace the oil when you had it changed. Was this what happened? Did the engine seize up? Did you get any warning at all? Why exactly did the dealer say you needed a new engine? I'm just curious. Anyway I wish you good luck in your quest for justice.

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Jreb ,

No I did not lose all the oil in the truck and infact it was a very very small leak .. maybe a dime size drop on the floor each day or two. ( Still not what I want out of my brand new SUV ) The dealer replaced the oil pump pan and gasket and it still leaked .. the engine replacement was per the Acura Tech help line that they call.

I just got a call from the dealer ( weird ) and he told me that they have the new engine in and running. said they were going to put the computer on it and make sure it has no problems.

AND FOR THE RECORD: He told me they replaced the lower housing ( crank case and complete lower engine assembly ) but used my original heads etc.. Im not sure what to think about this but im to the point where I just dont care anymore .. the entire experience has been terrible. The truck will have to pass my inspection when I get it back in a day or two .. unless something else happens ( just my luck ). :confused:

Will update more when I hear.

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That's not a new engine then - they basically rebuilt your engine with some new parts.

The leak they mentioned might not have been severe on the outside, but could have been a crack in the housing that would have caused total engine failure sooner or later.

If you're content with the rebuild and the extended warranty, then you're fine. I'd still try and get them to throw something else in for your time and efforts (how about some freebie dealer installed options? - still cheap for them to pay, but would be of considerable cost to you if you wanted to purchase them yourself).

Your correct , its not a new engine.

I just called the BBB auto line and started a case with them also. this will take a couple of days to go through as I have to fill out forms they send me and then send them back.

As far as keeping the ext warr and asking for options ... I would have to ask for the rear spoiler, wood shift knob, trailer hitch, and fender flares. :rolleyes:

opt #2 - demand a new MDX under the lemon law. :D

opt #3 - Sell it and get somehting else :(

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Option #2 is very much the best way to go. The state laws differ, but we are talking about a full refund here, sales tax, registration fees, everything. I did it last year with my Isuzu Trooper (nice truck, inept service). I wholly recommend taking that route if you qualify under the law.

If you present Acura corporate with this, they may be willing to extend your warrantee to 100K miles, anyway.
If it were me . . .

I'd go for option 2 or 3. I'd be damned if I'd start out with a new car with a partially rebuilt engine whether they gave me an extended warranty or all the options they had to offer. Let them fix it and sell it as a used car. If they did, I don't believe many people would be interested in a used car with a partially rebuilt engine for over $30,000 when they could get a new one. Why should you be saddled with something you paid good money for without at least having the enjoyment of an engine that is as new as the rest of the car. I don't see where the problem should be yours. I honestly think that Acura owes you a brand new MDX since you did not cause the problem with the engine. We are not talking about a minor defect here. Of course you should do what you consider is best for you. This is just my opinion. Acura sold you a lemon. If they want to fix it that's fine. Let them have the aggravation of trying to resell it or using it as a demo and then trying to resell it.


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Outright selling would be a hell of a loss, economically. I'd focus on the other two options, and keep #3 as a distant third.
I agree .. a sale of the truck would be a major loss ...

Maybe I could just set up a meeting with my acura rep and the channel 7 news team for an interview so we can give the rest of south florida a heads up on this problem. ;)
I don't know how impatient you are, but with what you've already gone through, I'd take the current vehicle and force their hand for extended warranty, routine maint, and options. You'll be further ahead and they'll likely treat you well. If you go the lemon route, you might get the money back, but then no MDX.

I think you need to decide if this is emotional or rational. Rational says keep the vehicle. Emotional says lemon.

Good luck - go with your gut!
Re: JNanas

BellTeck said:
Your correct , its not a new engine.

I just called the BBB auto line and started a case with them also. this will take a couple of days to go through as I have to fill out forms they send me and then send them back.

As far as keeping the ext warr and asking for options ... I would have to ask for the rear spoiler, wood shift knob, trailer hitch, and fender flares. :rolleyes:

opt #2 - demand a new MDX under the lemon law. :D

opt #3 - Sell it and get somehting else :(


I would suggest you do consult with an attorney about lemon law before starting any PR things since once you are on that road, it may become a legal battle and you are handicap of not knowing enough legal maneuvering on your side, going alone. Just a letter from a lawyer (may cost you some bucks) but will greatly enhance your position of bargaining from strength, whatever options you will choose.

Good lucks and keep us informed.

I agree - except I think that the engine being rebuilt bothering him is not so much emotional, but logical. Logic dictates that the rebuilt engine should be inherently less reliable than a new engine (hence the reason all remanufactured or factory conditioned items must be labeled as such and not sold as new).

I'm with TDnone - I'd see a lawyer. A letter might cost you a few bucks (~$150 or so?) - and you can call one and ask the cost first, without paying anything. When dealing with a $40k+ car, it pays to have someone with a strong knowledge of the law behind you.

My gut feeling - show them you mean business (with an attorney, or serious public exposure) and they'll talk turkey back. The extended warranty is NOT acceptable, given how much time, effort and grief this has caused you.
Redwing - Unfortunately I dont have the time to be emotional about all that has happened sofar. My mind has been more on my union and company agreeing on a contract by this friday at midnight or it will be strike time.

I will admit I dont like the fact that my new truck will have a rebuilt engine in it.

I dont like the fact that my dealer told me the truck would be ready last thursday,friday,monday,today,and now tomorrow or thursday.

I dont like the fact that my dealer told me they are having problems getting my brand new motor out of my brand new truck

What can I do? Im at the mercy of the dealer and the manufacturer. My choices have been listed and im just playing it by ear. I have done everything that the warranty book says to do as far as the BBB Auto line and Lemon Law is concerned. I have been offered an extended warranty for my hardship and in the eyes of the manufacturer, this is ample compensation

Your all right ... im not a lawyer and I dont know all the laws involved. I do know that I have certain rights as a consumer and it is an option to get a lawyer. I want to give Acura a chance to step up to bat and do the right thing and if that does not work then I will take an alternate action at that time.

Emotional? no .... out of my truck for more than 1/2 a month and on my 4th rental car while getting limited information from my dealer and a brand new truck with a rebuilt engine back. yea.

So you think if I went the lemon law route that they would give me a refund instead of another truck? I love my truck dont get me wrong.. but im no fool when it comes to business and backing up your product.

Sorry for the rant and thank you all for your reply's .. this is one of the best forums ive been to.

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I hate having to go the lawyer route, but I think it's your best option right now, if you want a quick and satisfying resolution to your problem.

What exactly you're due via the Lemon Law depends on your state, status of the vehicle (nature of the failure) and other intangibles that neither I nor most of the posters on this board could tell you.

I admire your resolve to wait for Acura to come to the plate - but at this point, I'd call the lawyer just to see what Plan B would be should they decide not to do so. At a bare minimum, it would cut down your waiting time.

My guess - and I hate the fact that the world works this way - they'll jerk you around for awhile, but once they see you mean business and have hired representation, they will go out of their way to accomodate you, both because of the lemon law and because they don't want to further damage their reputation.

I'd say a new truck is in order - you went 4k miles - that's not enough to merit a rebuilt engine. If you had 40k miles, it would be a different story entirely. But like I said - I'm speculating - if you want exact answers, hire someone who knows them.

If you consider it's a $40k investment being jeopardized, it's not even an option to wait any longer.

Good luck,
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Thanks John,

I called Acura's Cust Svc line today and asked for the District Manager to call me back. Again, I want to give Acura a chance to do the right thing.

Im not out to ruin or tarnish the reputation of Acura or the MDX. It really is an awesome automobile but I do feel I have certain rights and in this situation deserve a new vehicle.

Like I said before .. Im more focused on my job right now but hopefully that will all be ratified by this weekend and next week i can devote more time and energy to the situation with my truck.

I really hope Acura reads these boards .. I think this is the best idea for fedback I have ever seen. If they do read it... Robert (Acura dist manager), you'll have to call me at my office today.

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