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oil leak - from the spare tire?

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I posted this a while back, but no solution was found, so I'll try again...

At the rear of the MDX, a small amount of oil drips from the bolt that hangs at the center of the spare tire. Just enough oil for a drop the size of a dime. Doesn't happen all the time, but quite frequently.

Dealer said it was from lubricant used on the spare tire cable. They cleaned it off, but the leak is still there.

Anyone have the same or similar problem?


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I think its not so much the temperature

Some have the drip when its warm, but most seem to get it when they've lowered the spare once or more. My theory is that the steel cable is greased from the manufacturer, as are most sheathed steel cables. When the cable is coiled up on a spool, the oil is pooled in the spool casing. As you lower the cable you, in effect, re-oil the cable by running it through the pool of oil collected at the bottom of the casing. When my cable was fully extended, I noticed the abundance of oil on the cable and simply but gently wiped off the excess with a rag. I didn't use any kind of solvent or cleaner because I figured the oil was applied to the cable for an obvious purpose. Because of previous extractions of the cable, a barely noticeable amount has spread into the plastic retainer area, but not enough to drip. I figure that wiping up the excess will prevent a continued dripping problem.

Hey, if a typical problem that MDX owners need to complain about is 2 drops of oil from a spare tire cable, we've actually got it pretty good. I came from the Explorer forum, and wow, what a mess they (and previously I) have had to deal with!
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