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Have a quick question for you....

Beachman said:
Picked up my Black touring yesterday and had to take "the long way home." What a ride!! Can't wait for one of those coastal storms that dumps on the mid Atlantic every year to properly "field test" my new companion. First impressions, the wind noise is louder that I would have thought. Almost like when I used to put a ski rack on an old Saab. Like the Bose so far. Couldn't get the Homelink to "learn" my garage door opener. The red light is supposed to flash. . it doesn't. Any one have any ideas? Will call the 800 number tomorrow...after another long ride. Can't wait for the Zaino.
Congratulations on your new ride! - Quick question....You mentioned wind noise to be "a tad on the louder side". Is your vehicle a 2001 or 2002...Just curious!
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