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OEM Trailer Hitch

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Hitting the junkyards tomorrow in search of an OEM hitch and ATF cooler and maybe PS cooler for my '05 MDX. From what I gather, 04-06 all had the same part number for the hitch. Does that sound about right?

Also, does anyone know if the same year Pilot's have the same hitch. Honda shows a different number and I'm have a hard time cross referencing. One would think MDX and Pilot are the same platform and thus same dimensions.

Before you ask. I like the way the OEM hitch looks Vs. aftermarket. That being said, U-haul advertises a round tube
hitch made by Cequent(part # CQT76072) that looks promising for $160

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Got lucky. Found an '06 X at the junkyard with dealer installed tow package.

OEM Hitch receiver, ATF cooler, PS cooler and wire harness for $200.

I should have bought a lottery ticket
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