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On a recent trip to Texas when my transmission finally gave out, I ended up driving it to a transmission shop. Stupidly, when I dropped it off, I forgot to remove the gasoline can I had in the back of the car. After spending about 4 days in the transmission shop, when it was picked up, a terrible gasoline smell permeated the interior.

After removing the gas can, I took it to another shop and had the transmission replaced with a JDM unit. Of course, that is an aside to the story.

The smell of gas remained despite completely airing the car out and treating the smell with an ionizer. Clearly the source of the odor was still in the car.

I cleaned a section of carpet but that still didn't clear up the odor.

I then decided to remove the carpet from the car to determine where the odor was coming from. It turns out the gasoline spilled in the cargo area and seeped into the factory sound deadener underneath the rear carpet. It was quite disgusting

To remove the gasoline soaked deadener, I bought some "Goo Gone" from home Depot and scraped it with anything that would cut through it.

After that, I purchased Noico 80 mil sound deadener and covered the entire area with it. Since I had a lot left over, I applied a second layer over the first.

I am glad to report that the car is operating as quietly as it was with the factory layer.

This is a rare situation, but I feel like it should be documented. Thanks for reading.

This is what I bought. Noico Black 80 Mil 36 Sq Ft Car Sound Deadening, Butyl Automotive Deadener Restoration mat and Noise dampening Insulation: Automotive

Sorry, I don't have after pictures, but I'm not entering it into a car show, just trying to restore functionality. cheers.


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