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nys pricing on mdx

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just receiced my new 2002 mdx tour w/nav last week. all ny dealerships are at least $1500-$3000 over msrp. i've shopped for over a year. if want to pay msrp on the head you would have to go to ther southern states. conn was willing to sell at msrp but a 6 month wait nj is the same i was able to negiotiate to 1500 over msrp with taking just about all options and got killed on those side steps wood trim meter wood wheel wood knob tailgate the front lower trim really got hit on that one plus the all season mats wheel locks cargo tray and net you have to pay the price if you want the suv this years at least i believe when they get the new plant in operation that is supposed to put out only mdx then the supply will increase to dealer now that they come out with the odessey and mdx at one plant they cannot fill the demand dealers are allocated certain number of mdx and they come and go fast being that they have a unique product which is excellent in every way my main concern was gas mileage with the interior width of vehicle nav bose radio and at least 240 hp. which the mdx had it and no competitors could come close even the mercedes and bmw too small too tall mdx perfect . good luck with the dealer in the tri-state area its really tough:mad:
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You are all right. However, I found a dealership in Langhore PA that sells at list price. Davis Acura. That is where I got mine. However, I am now selling it if anyone wants to avoid the wait.

Here is my listing for the truck

Avoid the dealer markup of $3,000 or more $ and the 6 month wait. A
2001 Acura MDX is for sale at Mahogany with beige leather
interior. Brand New condition. Includes touring package, Bose system,
full gold package, moon roof, and some extra options and Accessories.
20,000 highway miles. To learn more, go to ebay and check out item #
600748817 or click here
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