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NYC MDX waiting for some mods

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hey guys, Here is my 'stock' MDX touri-nav, granite green on black. Came with a lot of the factory accessories. I took delivery on the 22nd of feb, last friday.

My first upgrades are gonna be a stage II HID Kit from and then an entertainment system for the rear seat (DVD, fold down screen, maybe screens on the headrests).

Inputs welcome, I'm gonna need alot of help along the way.

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Here in New Hyde Park, Long Island

Hey all,

Would love to meet some of you in the area and discuss the X. Maybe we could do lunch one day at a local place.

I have a dvd system installed with the overhead and one additional monitor in the front. Have a Panasonic portable DVD player installed in the arm rest.

Always looking for change and make the X better. This is my 3rd DVD I have had installed so far, willing to talk about my experiences.

Also have a remote start installed using the factory remote.

Also have a ton of acessories installed.

Let me know if anyone is interested, I seriously am.

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