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NYC MDX waiting for some mods

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hey guys, Here is my 'stock' MDX touri-nav, granite green on black. Came with a lot of the factory accessories. I took delivery on the 22nd of feb, last friday.

My first upgrades are gonna be a stage II HID Kit from and then an entertainment system for the rear seat (DVD, fold down screen, maybe screens on the headrests).

Inputs welcome, I'm gonna need alot of help along the way.

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Welcome to the board!

I got mine delivered on Feb. 19th. I had to drive to Philly from NYC to get mine, though. They were the first of three dealers I put deposits (the others were Westchester and Denville, NJ).

The Navi in NYC has been pretty good. On my way home the other day, there was a huge wreck on 495. I asked the Navi to avoid 495, and it took me on local roads I would have never known to take on my own.

For entertainment center, check out They have probably one of the cheapest video products on the internet. I've checked quite extensively. For local installers, try They have had a pretty good reputation. When there website is up, you can see some of their work.

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