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Noisey Sunroof fixed

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I had my 2001 MDX in (03/11/02) for the 15,000 mile service and while it was there they noticed excessive noise coming from the sunroof. They installed some kind of "tape" and the noise is now less.

I didn't even realize how noisey it was until they installed this "tape." There is a difference now. COOL !!

Just wanted to share that tidbit with you all.

THANK YOU - ACURA in Denville, NJ.
They rock !!!

Hope all is well with everyone.
Happy MDXing !!!
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Hey Paul,

Just a quick question--if you don't mind sharing--how much was the 15K service?

What kind of tape?...Can we just buy and install it ourselves?...Can you maybe post some pics with the exact location of this 'marvelous" solution. Thanks!
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