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No Longer a "Wannabe" - My Experience, a 2 part story

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The Good Part:
After being teased since last Tuesday(11/27), I am finally an owner
of a GG w/Touring. Since last Tuesday, the vin tracking computer
showed my MDX at the dealer, yet it had never arrived and the
dealer was very interested in selling it to me before month end
so we were talking most every day.

My first impression of the vehicle is very good. I have been
driving a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was equipped pretty
much like the MDX, except it did not have the heated seats. I
liked both how the Jeep rode and drove.

I am very impressed with the smoothness
and ride of the 'X'. I purchased it from a dealer located 90 miles
from where I live, so I got to drive it home yesterday on both
a 2 lane 55 mph highway and an interstate. Compared to the
Jeep, I was pleasantly surprised at the quietness of the 'X'. At times,
I drove 70mph(keeping the rpms around 2k) and I did not find
the wind noise to be excessive, comparably speaking.

I feel the Bose system sounds as good as the premium Infinity
system in the Jeep. I am also very impressed with the smoothness
of the transmission.

Before I left the dealer, the salesperson filled the 'Chameleon X' with fuel and
reset the trip computer, including the average mpg. After driving
the 90 miles back home, the computer showed my average MGP being 24.9,
yes, that is 24.9 MPG. I can only hope the computer's calculations are close to being acurate.
This mileage was calculated driving thru the mountains of
West Virginia and Virginia.

I had a very good experience with my dealer. The dealership
is called Beckley Auto Mall and is located in Beckley, WV. The dealer's
allocation is only 3 or 4 MDXs a month.
I ordered my 'X' on August 11th and my salesperson told me it
would be delivered late November or early December and he was
right on the money. They sell the 'X's for MSRP, with no forced
options. He did throw in the rear splash guards, so I guess I got my 'X'
for $79 below MSRP and I felt the dealership gave me a very reasonable
trade-in value for the Jeep.

If anyone is interested in contacting my salesman, his name is
David Mollohan and the number is 1-800-284-3934.

Now, The Bad Part:
My wife is driving the 'X' today and I might never get to drive it
again... :mad:
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Congrats VA Tech Hokie,
An excellent choice of colors. Always great to have another GG on the road.

Enjoy driving.........when you can:D
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