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Night Vision on Nav?

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Just thought of another possible use for the Video on Nav – Night Vision! :cool:

Got the idea from the new Volvos’s XC90, Cadilac’s car at the auto show, and rear view in the Nav. All you would need is a camera that is sensitive to IR and an IR Illuminator. Can see this possibly costing about $200 if you already have Video on Nav.

If and when I get my AVC-RG1 module, I plan on doing the rear view, then possibly night vision. I have the AVC-RGB1 on order at two places. They appear very hard to come by. Does any one know where they have these in stock?

Using the mirror and a standard view camera was pretty ingenious on the odyssey guy and I’m pretty sure it is cheaper than those back-up cameras from manufacturers like clarion.
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Emerald01: I would love to see what you work up here as I would like the rear camera also. Seams you could do the same thing with two sets of relays as the backup vs navi display. Just have it go to the ir camera when the headlights are on.

Anyway when you have it working let me know and maybe we can meet in the middle somewhere. Also if you find a source for the AVC-RGB1 I would like to get one too.

guys check There's a guy there that's posting he has rgb-1 in stock. Good luck.
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