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Nicks On Side Pillar Cover

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My wife noticed that our side pillar cover on driver side has a lot of nicks on it, upon inspecting how the seatbelt retracts to its return position, I found out that the seatbelt tension was too strong, I was able to observe too that the seatbelt buckle has sharp edges instead of being rounded that keeps damaging the pillar cover. Has anyone encounter this problem?
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Yes I have the same problem on my MDX and my 3.2 TL. It is driving me crazy to see all of those nicks!!!!!!
I have them too and its very upsetting knowing that manufacturing could have prevented this from happening just by making smooth edged belt clips. Is there anyway we can repair these nicks.
I had the same thing, I pointed it out the dealer who replaced the pillar cover. They said that they would only do it once and to be carefull!
I have them too and think that it isn't a problem with the seatbelt. I think the material that the piller cover is made out of is way too easy to scratch. I tried rubbing one of the scratches w/ my finger and accidently <I><B>lightly</B></I> scraped my finger nail and it left a mark too. It is very soft plastic or something as the same "fingernail test" on other coverings in the vehicle do not leave marks.
Pillar Scratches

I just answered a previous post with the following info in another Thread, so I'll post it here as well.

I investigated my Saddle posts and noticed one teeny teeny little nick (passenger side) and it appears the plastic is sprayed and maybe NOT a solid color? If this is the case...#1 its cheap and #2 you might take off the coveted color by using Novus cleaner. The fact that the 'fingernail test' appeared to spread the 'sin' tells me it's painted. With only two interior color choices, this cheap process really is inexcusable.

So...the only way I can think of to permanently remedy this is to cover the post with a matching vinyl from an automotive upholstery shop. It is probably possible to find an exact match for the vehicle and I'd probably go for the existing texture and color found on the inside top of the doors. This material is paper thin and they usually use spray adhesive to install it. Once installed, it probably could take a minor amount of 'flying seatbelts' without incident.

Second dilemma is seatbelt function, so the replacement vinyl would have to be spray glued near the seatbelt slot but would not be able to be wrapped because it would likely impede the retraction, etc. If Acura had thought of this, they could have used a thin piece of trim around the seatbelt slot...but why should they spend YOUR MONEY?? This is all doable and probably the only permanent fix outside of cringing everytime you hear the clang. Metal against a plastic painted post is not a match!! Bad design process.
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Ok...this one's got me talk'n to myself now.

I just pulled the Chariot out into the daylight. Took a look at the posts. (Do not do this if you have high blood pressure) There are several very light nicks on the drivers side. Very light...but THERE. I'm the only driver, other than the few times hubby has driven in it. Everytime I have retracted that belt, I've purposly held it so nothing hits the post. Doesn't even make a click against the post. So, WHY THESE LITTLE NIKS? Take a look at the plastic portion of the clip and you'll see a rough mold mark in the center back of the clip. Believe me if a fingernail can do damage...this is definitely sharp enough to scuff the pillars. It is also possible that in the process of getting my vehicle, the detailers, mechanics, etc were in and out of it and this added to the problem. But it simply should not be happening.

This is the dumbest design I have ever seen. I'll pounce on the 800# and report my findings.
OK...follow the "Bouncing Posts"....da dumm de doe

Called the friendly 'soft spoken' gent from customer service. Explained the situation and left all the normal information. He was no "pillar" of wisdom on this topic but it will be forwarded to 'someone'. Meanwhile, I will draft a letter to Acura Client Customer Service and explain our dilemma with a cc: to "Mighty Mouse".

I would suggest that everyone check their pillars in the daylight and make that call to 800-382-2238! We can compare responses, if any and gripe later, but at least we've done something! :)

A $40K vehicle that self mutilates requires professional intervention! ;)
Pillar NICS!!!

If you think that this is only a problem with the MDX let me fill you in. My wife has a 2000 Laguna Green 3.2 TL with somewhat of a gray (Acura calls it Green leather interior). The pillars are a light gray color and they look like they have been riddled by an AK47!!!! The nics on her pillars are really noticeable. I have a GG MDX with Ebony leather. My seat belts do not spring back as hard as the TL so I have only a few nics on my MDX. I will call the 800 number also and lodge my complaint.
Thanks DMor for the update.
I'll make the call too!
Yes I Too Have a Rabid Woodpecker

Just examined my 3 week-old MDX and I have nics on both pillars with more on the passenger side. Did they make these things out of wax! I suggest public floggings at Acura Design headquarters for this one.
rvehock said:
Yes I have the same problem on my MDX and my 3.2 TL. It is driving me crazy to see all of those nicks!!!!!!
Had a 2000 Accord EXV6 with a similar problem, looks like the seatbelt assembly is the same accross the Acura line.
Those Dreaded Seatbelt Nicks

6,500 miles later and I've finally found something that would make a dog bite its own ass. The driver-side, and passenger-side, pillar covers nicked and scratched by the seatbelt. I called the 800# and spoke with ACURA. They told me that they've never come across such a complaint; none logged in their system. I went to my dealer in Larchmont, NY. One of their reps walked about from MDX to MDX in their lot and saw that these nicks and scratches occurred in each MDX. An apparent non-abstraction, eh? All they offered was to replace the column. What's the use?

I had a 1990 Honda Prelude - no such nicks. My old Acura Legend, '92, bears soft, vinyl-like pillars - no nicks.

Poor design. A $40,000+ car with what appears to be plastic pillars. Thumbs down ACURA.
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