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Nice MDX I saw for sale

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Saw this while getting service. Dealer has it listed for 38500. Touring w/ NAV , towing package, and only 5K miles. It's super clean.


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Nice Wheels !!!

Did you happen to notice who the manufacturer was for the wheels that are on the MDX??

They look really good!

No sorry. If ya really want to know, I can find out. I know they're 18'ns
Yes, I would like to know, assuming you don't have to go out of your way to get the info. If it is inconvenient for you, just let me know which dealer, and I will check with them.

Thanks for your help,
(909) 626-6000 PST They'll be open until 9. That's 45 minutes from now. Good Luck!
Let us all know

They are pretty nice. If any of you guys find out , please post it. I'm kinda looking around now for my March delivery date MDX.
I think ther're Katana's

I did some research and I think they're Katana Spazio's. Here's the link...
Those wheels are HOT. I usually don't even notice or pay attention to that sort of thing, but those really caught my eye! Thanks for the info.
seems like a deal

38,500 seems like a hell of a deal for this -- if you consider the touring+nav is almost 40k, all the wood (steering wheel, shiftknob, etc) is about 1500, and the wheels about 2-3000, this seems like a more than fair price for only 5000 miles.

You weren't able to get any idea why the person sold / traded it so soon after putting all of that $$$ into it, were you (maybe they lost their job) -- in any case -- to those of you in LA -- someone should jump on this...

You should post this in the classifieds section as well...
That's the owner of that dealer's MDX.. i recognized those wheels.. He used to have it there for display in the showroom. I believe its Metro acura..
Ya, It is the dealer owner's car. He goes through a lot of vehicles. There's also two AMG benzs that were his they're selling at a great price. It is Metro acura in Montclair. I bought my X there and the experience was fantastic. More dealers should follow their example of how to pamper a buyer. See Stacey if you're interested and tell her the "Hot Wheels" guy sent you. She's also a real hottie!
What was the dealer name (and phone number if you have it handy) where this car is being sold? Looking for one... Thanks!
Sorry, noticed number of dealer above. Called and this car still is available as of 10/29/01.

A mere 6 days later and it's GONE! There's not a single MDX listed on their Used Inventory web page.

So much for the road trip to SoCal. :)
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