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Hi all,

newbie here, just took over an 2007 Acura MDX tech package with 90k miles on the clock from my uncle in Las Vegas, it will now be my beater truck for fixing rental property or hauling big item in the future as my current DD (Lexus GS450h) does not have any trunk space.

so here are my plans for the MDX,

1. Tow hitch package from ebay,
Fits 2007 2013 Acura MDX Class 3 Curt Trailer Hitch Package w 2" Chrome Ball | eBay
found this for $208 shipped and it seems to be a complete package, tow hitch, tow ball, wiring harness, watched some youtube video so it shoudln't be much of an issue installing it myself.

1a. small trailer cart
Shop Carry-On Trailer 3-ft 6-in x 5-ft Wire Mesh Utility Trailer at
this one i been having my eye on and i think i will jump on it as soon as i get my tow hitch install.

2. roof rack
just wanted one in the future for big ladder on roof or a roof box to haul more unneccessary stuff, could be a bike too, if any specific model could recommend please do tell.

3. running board
kinda optional but seen them all the time and it complete the look of the car,
are there already hole pre drill to mount them or do i need to drill hole myself?

4. 5000k HID front/ 3000k LED fog (yellow look)
just standard ritual whenever i get cars, better visibility for me

5. bull bar
might be over kill or too flashy but will see how that goes
but looks great to sit on!
Vanguard 07 09 Acura MDX Front Bull Bar Bumper Protector Guard SS | eBay

and now my plan is to tow one of my project car
(1991 Toyota Celica GT coupe, 300k miles 5speed MT FWD)
From San Jose, CA to Las Vegas, NV. (600 miles trips)
now i been reading this forum for quite a while regarding towing i think i am getting quite some idea on towing, never tow anything in my life (or any driven vehicle has more than 2 axles)
i am looking at Uhaul website they recommend me to use trailer and not tow dolly, the MDX tow rating at 5000 lbs max and with the celica and trailer combine i am a little over 5000 lbs, i wouldn't think there would be an issue but with all the mountain pass, twisty road from Cali to Vegas i am worry the transmission will not like it, (read about shifting to manual so the MDX won't always hunt for gear) but might be so much stress, some people did mention installing transmission cooler but not sure if that's neccessary, also, is electronic trailer brake needed as well? I just don't want the trailer to jack knife on me and cause accident on the road.

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