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Newbie looking for help

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New kid on the block and looking for some insight. I understand Honda has a new plant in Alabama up now and that the Odysey production is moving there. Will this open up the production line for MDX's in Canada?
Does anyone know what the 2002 production numbers will be compared to 2001 model year?
I am hoping that with more product in the pipeline, the prices will come down. I know the MDX is a great ride, but I just cannot bring myself to pay MSRP for ANY vehicle.
TIA for your help.
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twoof1 said:
..., but I just cannot bring myself to pay MSRP for ANY vehicle.
TIA for your help.
That was exact what I said four months ago... ;)

Given time, any vehicle will come down with price. If you want to find bargain (in the sense of price alone), try Lexus RX 300 or other vehicle.

It is hard to swollow the fact that you are paying MSRP. My suggestion is to keep eduacate yourself so that you know what you are buying. It is not the MSRP that you should be concern about...It is a vehicle that you need everyday.

After getting my MDX for three weeks, I am convinced that I made the right decision. I test drove almost all the comparable SUVs mentioned in the Cars and Drivers review (which MDX was voted #1). There are many other reviews out there but I found the Cars and Drivers are the most realistic and fair. And you don't have to buy the fact who is #1 or #2. You just need to ask yourself what you want.

The web site has a comparison feature which allows you to compare with ANY other car, item by item. It does not seem to hide its shortcomings. So.. try to do a pricing comparison with another SUV you may be able to get at your less-than-MSRP price. Chances are you will finally realize that the MSRP on MDX is still cheaper than the other guy's discounted price for what you will be getting.

With more good news on MDX's crash test scores and's most wanted SUV, the demand for MDX may be increasing than the speed of production. The wait is now about 60 days to 6 months from what I see here. The wait may be shorten a bit from before but there are no spare MDXes sitting on the dealer's lot. So it is quite a time distance from being able to bargain on price that you may have in mind.

Good luck to your search.


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I can't chastise you too much, because I absolutely refuse to pay OVER sticker for any vehicle. That's why I have an M Roadster right now instead of an S2000! But seriously, don't get too hung up on paying MSRP. I've also owned four Saturns, and you probably know their corporate philosophy is not to haggle on prices--the sticker is what it is, take it or leave it. In the beginning, at least, what you got for that MSRP was a darn good deal. So try and look at it that way--are you getting a lot of vehicle for the price of an MDX, even though you don't get the satisfaction of bargaining them down? Heck, most people hate that whole process, so maybe you could consider it a BONUS that you don't have to worry about it with an MDX!
pricing on 2002 models

i just received my 2002 mdx tourw/nav. if you are in the tri-state are in the northeast no reduction this, still more demand than supply. if you purchase down south you can get at msrp no chance of getting under i have been shopping for over 9 months and doing research. until next year maybe the increase may be able to catch up with demand too many people want them and not enough to go around i have the same opinion as you just got a 2000 maxima for wife and got for $300 over dealer invoice. no chance on mdx, or if they say they will you will be waiting 6-12 months and still never get the car the will take 500-1000 deposit and give it back if your nor happy don't even attempt to negiotiate there atitude is there's the door and tell you goodbye or promise you and not deliver. i received mine in two months started at $3000 over msrp and was able to do favor for salesman and got $1500 over msrp. i even ordered from three dealer to see which would do the best price new york, conn, and florida. all received vehicle ny was above msrp and the conn. was above and florida was willing to do at msrp and i didn't want to drive a new mdx that long during breakin and shipping would have cost me the same. the suv is even worth the msrp or above there is no competition for this suv it beats all other mercedes and bmw drives great excellent gas and interior room of the denali, and escapade without being huge and killing you with gas if you are awaiting under msrp i or the industry doesn't expect and change till maybe 2003 hope this will help you in deciding. it killed me to pay above,but after driving it for 1 week it was worth it and it seems acura actually under priced for the features it comes with have a great holiday :confused:
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As far as additional MDX capacity in Canada, might not be that much since I believe Honda will start producing the Pilot up there based upon what I read in the WSJ next summer. Also, Honda may be targeting the Alabama facility to make trucks, since they do not sell any in the US right now. The minivan market is in decline so the truck theory is reasonable. I guess the real question is if the Honda Pilot will displace MDX sales? If so maybe MDX supply will be more in line with MDX demand so dealers may be willing to come off of MSRP but that's only speculation.

I'm not sure honda will be eager to boost up the production of MDX with the sagging economy. I think that is why they are trying to get the honda version of MDX as quickly as possible for those who think MDX is a bit pricey for them. At least, I see more and more people getting their MDX at MSRP. I don't think anyone out there didn't like paying MSRP or even the dealer markup, but they all decided to get it anyway becaues MDX still had better values against others SUVs even at MSRP. There are a lot of happy MDX owners out there including myself.
You could find many threads in this site where many comparisons has been made between MDX and other SUVs. Perhaps you may come to the same conclusion that we've all made here.:)
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